Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dogs Should Not Use Laptops

So last week Oscar decided he wanted to try and play with me while I was on my laptop. He was bugging me cause everytime I would throw his toy for him to go fetch he would just sit there and wait for me to get excited about playing with him. Well he thought it would be great to get my attention by jumping up on my lap where obviously my laptop was already sitting. Low and behold my coma key popped off. What the poo? How does that even happen? I tried to put it back on by myself but I didn't know what I was doing. So it's just sitting slightly above the rest of the keys. Somebody needs to help me figure this out. Don't stop reading I have another one. The other day Oscar did it again, this time the "L" key. even though I got them back on the keyboard they are not tightly in and I have to press down really hard to be able to use it. I suppose I have learned my lesson. Play with Oscar as much as possible, because a tired dog is a good dog. Therefore no more keys will pop off my laptop.

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Justin and Shannon said...

I am so glad to see in the blogging sphere. Now i can catch up with you. I hope all is well.