Monday, March 31, 2008

Moving Update

Well last weekend we sold many house hold items we cannot take with us. Thanks to our wonderful Relief Society they bought most of it and has provided us with enough money to pay for the rental truck. It has been wonderful to have such an amazing ward. I will miss them very much. Our house went up for sale last Friday and we recieved our very own for sale sign in our front yard last Saturday. Mindy came over Saturday night and helped us pack up our fragile things and she brought us comfort food so we will have the energy to keep going. Sunday it snowed and we had our winter items already packed away. It was annoying. Robert has been cleaning and moving boxes down to the basement today so he could clean the entire house so hopeful buyers can come by and look at our home.

Our friend Emily has been by a couple times to see us, which is nice for Robert since they grew up together and he feels like he wont see his friends before we leave. Emily has really comforted him by making that effort to come spend time with us. She also bought our coffee table and kitchen table, so I hope she enjoys them as much as we did.

My last day at work will be April 11th, we will pack the moving truck April 12th and head to California April 13th.


Rochelle said...

So sad to sell your things, but I'm glad it's helping. You have wonderful friends. There are friends and ward members on this end who are excited to hear you are coming, but sad for the circumstances.

Jay and Kerry said...

How sad! That's really making me depressed because it makes me think of when we packed up our house to move a little over a year ago! I think it will be a fun adventure for you, though! We moved five times last year so I'm definitely ready to be settled but it was worth it. Good luck with selling your house!