Saturday, April 26, 2008

Past Week

Angie, Brenna, Robert, me, Melissa, & Emily

Ironically enough we have had an eventful past week for being jobless. We are still applying everywhere under the sun and just waiting for their calls and emails. My parents went to Hawaii last Monday for business and pleasure - so jealous by the way. Robert and I had the house to ourselves but were barely home. We went to the Museum of Tolerance on Tuesday. It was very eye opening. Every state should have this musuem so others can be more open minded. We went to the Holocaust section of the tour, it was very hard for me. At the beginning you pick a card that has a picture of an actual Jewish child that lived during that time in Europe. ANd throughout the tour there are these kiosks that you stick your card in and it gives you the life of that child. As we are learning and listening to other's stories during the Hitler/Nazi takeover we are being reminded that this is true and it actually happened. These people were persecuted just because one low life man had to blame someone for his hardships. There were videos running of the Jews being killed, lined in a row then shot. Jewish babies being thrown from buildings to their death. Families taken to consentration camps and being separated between the weak and the strong. Naked starving bodies everywhere. My step family is Jewish, I love them very much and so though I do not know what it is like to be discriminated against I know that they still hurt from this misfortune. That was our depressing Tuesday. On Wednesday, Robert and I drove to Santa Monica to meet with his Admissions Counselor. Let me tell you, so boring. I was falling asleep. We were there for 3 and a half hours. I made him drive home so I could sleep. Thursday was better, we put the dogs in the car and drove out to Santa Monica again to meet my brother at Google for lunch. They are allowed to bring their dogs to work there so he told us to bring Oscar and Link. And w got free lunch. The boys had a great time getting attention since they are so adorable and it was nice to visit with my bro. We then walked down 3rd Street Promenade with the boys and Link wanted to chase all the pigeons, Oscar wanted to rollover at everyones feet so he could get a belly rub. They were filming some movie there, so all the security guards were adoring Oscar, he loved the attention. He did some tricks for them and got more belly rubs. There were others with their dogs as well, but not half as cute as our boys, since they did get the most attention. Later on we went out to Red's Bar-B-Que with my bestest friend Melissa. That place is so good, they have the best tri-tip steak. That was a delicacy that was hard to find in Utah. Back to the tri-tip, so delicious. We ate and we were happy. As we were paying our bill, the manager brought out this huge brownie sundae served in an even bigger martini glass. I guess once a week they pick a random guest to eat this beautiful tastey creation. So we did, and we liked it. Friday, my other bestest friends, Jena and Brig did my hair. I always let them do whatever they want to my hair since they are the professionals and I am not. It's a blunt cut bob dyed dark red. I love it! That night we went to the Cheesecake Factory with friends for Melissa's last supper before her surgery. It was wonderful for us to be with our friends and enjoy some time together. Afterwards we all went back to Melissa's house for Apples to Apples. Great game! Brenna won! It was so fun to be with the people I love this past week.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We are home

We made it to Simi on Sunday night around 7pm. Super good timing. We have been unpacking, putting some stuff in a storage unit and looking for jobs. Things are a bit hectic but we are surviving. Link and Oscar absolutely love being at my Dad's. The backyard is bigger than the dog park we used to take them to. Oscar tested out the pool and only goes to the first step, Link only put his front paws in. They are so cute, and I am glad they are happy. The weather is wonderful so they don't mind being out all day. When we arrived it was 90 degrees, and the rest of the week has been in the 80's, but we get the ocean breeze as well so it cools off the dogs and they have plenty of shade.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Yard Sale

Well we had our first yard sale today. We sold a lot of things, some we didn't want to part with but had to. Robert even sold some his old GI JOE action toys. That's a sacrifice to a collector. I was surprised at the amount of money we made and the types of things people buy. We started at 9AM and many people came early, then a few here and there until about 1PM. And it was so cold out due to the wind we had, it just made the day colder than what it already was. Note to self: don't listen to the weather man again - atleast not the one on FOX.

Closer to the afternoon a little mix dog came running towards us. She looked like she had been lost or abandoned. No collar and very thin. I walked around the neighborhood with her to see if anyone knew who she belonged to. I was starting to think we might have to keep her. But our Nieghbor Kristi fell in love with her and Lola(I named her that) just fell in love with Kristi. She followed her everywhere and her tail was wagging non-stop and wanted to go inside her house. It seems as if we don't pick our dogs, dogs pick their owners. They are more intuitive as to who will take care of them and love and feed them. Lola was hungry and all the food Kristi gave her and drank some water. Poor thing, I hope she wasn't hungry for too long. She is so sweet. I'm glad she found a good home.

Well thats how our day went and now I am tired and ready to go to Red Robin with our friends tonight!