Saturday, April 5, 2008

Yard Sale

Well we had our first yard sale today. We sold a lot of things, some we didn't want to part with but had to. Robert even sold some his old GI JOE action toys. That's a sacrifice to a collector. I was surprised at the amount of money we made and the types of things people buy. We started at 9AM and many people came early, then a few here and there until about 1PM. And it was so cold out due to the wind we had, it just made the day colder than what it already was. Note to self: don't listen to the weather man again - atleast not the one on FOX.

Closer to the afternoon a little mix dog came running towards us. She looked like she had been lost or abandoned. No collar and very thin. I walked around the neighborhood with her to see if anyone knew who she belonged to. I was starting to think we might have to keep her. But our Nieghbor Kristi fell in love with her and Lola(I named her that) just fell in love with Kristi. She followed her everywhere and her tail was wagging non-stop and wanted to go inside her house. It seems as if we don't pick our dogs, dogs pick their owners. They are more intuitive as to who will take care of them and love and feed them. Lola was hungry and all the food Kristi gave her and drank some water. Poor thing, I hope she wasn't hungry for too long. She is so sweet. I'm glad she found a good home.

Well thats how our day went and now I am tired and ready to go to Red Robin with our friends tonight!


Rochelle said...

Funny, my mom was just asking about your dogs. Maybe Jason will bring his around for you to love too. I'm glad you get to go out to de-stress. Have fun. I'm off on my Chicago trip tomorrow. Dad says that cleaning up this week will help him "relax" cause it is such a change from his work.

Jay and Kerry said...

I love puppies! I want a new puppy to play with our current puppy but Jay won't let me get a new one. :( Oh well. I'm glad your yard sale went well! I hope you raised enough money!