Thursday, May 1, 2008

Link's Birthday at the beach

Today Link turned 3, so we took him and Oscar to the beach. We drove to Port Hueneme where dogs are allowed. Man, when we arrived the boys were just full of excitement. Link was hopping all over the place. We took them down to the water and once we took Oscar's leash off he immediately went in, and enjoyed the waves splashing up on him. Link doesn't like the water much and would run away everytime a wave would come close to him. It was so cute. At one point Robert took Link's leash off, thinking he wouldn't do any harm, well, Link took full advantage of that and took off running. Robert had to chase him down. But other than that they had a great time. They loved every minute of it and got themselves tuckered out. They fell asleep on the way home. Happy birthday Link!!!!

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Jay and Kerry said...

Awwww that makes me miss my puppy! I love the pictures! So cute! They look like they had fun!