Sunday, June 1, 2008

Changed my mind

Well if you all haven't heard, I had decided to decline the job offer with Banfield Pet Hospital and went forward to take the offer with Ventura County Credit Union. They pay more and it's part time. I went with VCCU for the following reasons: more focus on school, and my experience is already in this area. I have more reasons but I don't think others would fully understand what I'm talking about. So yes I am back into banking even though I tried to get out. But anyways i have a job and thats what matters for the moment.


Pearson's said...

Thanks for checking on the tickets, we don't have any real plans yet. We are just checking into things to see if it is something that we can afford. If and when you get more information let us know. Thanks

brenbot said...

Yay for more money!