Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We went to DisneyLand yesterday. I brought my back brace and we rented a wheel chair. If you don't know already, I compacted my vertebrae back in 04 so it's hard for me to stand and walk for long periods of time. The good news out of this is less wait time for the rides. Anyways we had a splendid time enjoying the happiest place on earth. We rode most of the rides twice since we didnt have to waste anytime in lines. Robert ate a huge turkey leg, we tried pulling the sword from the stone, ran away from a boulder, kissed a toad, and also had some fun at California Adventure riding the Hollywood Tower of Terror (my fave ride).

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Carolynne Harris said...

Great report - love link and oscar - is link lab and corgie? very strange mix. Disneyland in a wheelchair - my mother could use you as a role model, she wouldn't submit to a wheel chair in public - you go! Don't think you mom know you chose the bank. Love Caro