Monday, June 23, 2008

My new friend Ford

On my way home from work today I saw a dog running along side the fastlane of the freeway. I immediatly pulled over and stopped the car. By instinct I got out and called the dog towards me, he came willingly and jumped in the backseat. I drove to the nearest exit to examine him. No broken bones, no scars, blood. He had tags and looked like he was well taken care of. I called the number provided and left a message. His name is Ford, he is an older Pitbull Terrier. Very sweet and thankful for being found. I took him home with me and waited for his owner to call me back. Long story short, I got a call from his owner saying he was on business in New Mexico and would have his girlfriend give me a call. Both were very thankful that I took him in, since most of the people on the freeway passed him up. I could not continue to drive knowing that dog could get hit and die. I am thankful I found him. I feel like Heavenly Father trusts me to do the right thing and thats why I experience the things I do. I was not afraid of Ford, I felt he was waiting for the right person to rescue him off that noisey freeway. He had escaped from the place he was staying at. He is a good dog and am thankful I got to know him. I am thankful he has loving and concerned owners and would do anything to get him back. Random acts of kindness are rewarding in itself.


Jennie said...

Good Job Bethany.

Shelly said...

awe, but did you get any other reward? Good job. You are one of the most compassionate (towards animals and humans) people that I know.

Jay and Kerry said...

Soooo sweet of you! You have a big heart! :)