Saturday, July 26, 2008

My New Friend Duncan...Another Lost Dog

Robert and I were about to walk out the door when we heard Oscar and Link barking like crazy. We both looked straight ahead to see bloody paw prints along the sidewalk. We run towards the sidewalk and look up the street. A big white dog was running up our street. We whistled and tried calling him. All he did was run faster. So what do I do? Instincts tell me to run after him. Of course I had been battling some illness this week and happened to give it to Robert. But obviously I didn't let that stop me. I chased him into a col-de-sac and Robert pulled up with the car. I jumped in, and the dog now took off down the street. Robert got out of the car to chase him and I drove this time. I followed him in the car down Sinaloa, which is the main street off of our street. He decided to run down the middle of the street. All these cars started honking, I yelled at them that honking doesn't do anything, get out and help me losers. No one did. I am disappointed in the human race and it's stupidity. Well the dog started to slow down, he was getting tired and probably in pain. So I pulled over and ditched the car. I continued to run after him. When I saw two girls walking I yelled "Stop That Dog!" so they ran into the street and cornered him and gave him to me. If it weren't for those girls I may have chased the dog all the way down to Royal, which is a busier street. I thanked them and grabbed his collar to check out his tag. Duncan. He looked to be a Border Collie/Pit Bull mix. He was sweet, tired and bleeding. He couldn't walk anymore. He was hurting. I couldn't lift him. He was big. I dragged him until Robert ran up to where I left the car and got in and pulled it up to us. We got Duncan in the car and brought him back to our house. We gave him water and I called his owner. "Hi, is this Duncan's owner" "Yes" "I found your dog" "Where did you find him" "On my street, we chased him until we caught him, all four paws are bleeding" "Where do you live?" "Up First Street, before you hit Long Canyon" "Wow, how did Duncan make it all the way up there? We live at the bottom of First and Arcane. Give me your address, we will be there in ten minutes" I gave him our address, and we waited while giving Duncan a ton of water. He was thirsty and hurting. Robert had to carry him, he refused to walk. If you could have seen his paws, you would have wondered why the dog kept running in the first place. The pads of his paws were peeling off, and very bloody. His owner, Dave, came right away and was very thankful. He got my info and will call me for dog training services. Works out for and him. His dog needs training and I need the practice. Above is the pic of the bloody paw prints Duncan left on our sidewalk.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Months Worth of Updates

So, I know it's been a month since I last posted a blog. I'm horrible. Life has been busy. So let's start from the beginning. Robert got a job at Mobile Sence Tech in Westlake, he started school, I have been spending a lot of time at the rescue I volunteer at, I start school in 2 weeks (I'm really excited for this). All of our married friends are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. I'm excited for them, being able to move forward with their lives and wanting to become parents, but none of them are going to convince me that it's a good idea for us to have kids. No way. I'll wait until Melissa D. and Emily V. get married and have kids. Right now we are in the clear. What I don't understand is why do people disappear off the face of the Earth once they find out they are prego? Maybe some of you who just had kids can answer this for me.

Anyways back to our life. We have been going to DisneyLand a ton, and my nephew, Blayke came to visit for 2 weeks and we had tons of fun with him. We took him to the DL. Blayke is one of my fave nephews so of course when he comes to visit, naturally we are going to spoil him. The thing is, Blayke is 16. I am much closer to my older nieces and nephews than I am with my younger ones. I grew up with them, they are alomost like siblings. And once they reach a certain age they are a lot of fun to be around. I'm not ready to be an adult figure to most kids, I'm still immature myself. Robert and I still like to have fun and be nerdy and all over the place. You don't want to trust your young children with us, the truth is we don't know what to do with them. The fatherly and motherly instincts skipped us, we just aren't that way. But having Blayke around was fun, he is a great kid and I am proud of the choices he has made in life. When I download pics, I'll post another blog.