Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ode to Ro-ber-to

Lately I have noticed I am the only one in our little family that is blogging. I asked Robert why he hasn't made a post about anything. He said something along the lines of his life isn't exciting at the moment. Well, I disagree with him so I'll blog about Robert.

  • Robert made a few new friends(they were my friends first, but I decided to share because he needs them more than I do)
  • He went and saw the Beach Boys with them, and has made future plans to see more concerts with them.
  • Robert has done a lot of work with my dad so we are able to pay our bills.
  • He survived a conversation with a crips gang member.
  • He started school and has done really well so far in his studies. Robert has more talent than he thinks he does.
  • Robert has been supportive in my schooling and my volunteer work, he has also volunteered at the animal rescue a few times with me.
  • He has been subbing in Elders Quorm and most likely will get the calling.
  • He has been to DisneyLand more times this summer than he ever has in his life.
  • Robert also continues to take really good care of me no matter the situation we are in.
  • He became a recent Dodgers fan despite the gang colors
  • He has also accomplished the greatest test of all - my girlfreinds accept and love him.


brenbot. said...

Aw this is sweet. I would like to add to the list that he has perfected the double high-five. I approve of Robert.

Anonymous said...

...And he writes a mean blog about the awful blunder of KidRock defiling the sacred song-Werewolves of London. Warren Zevon, we shall avenge you!