Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Saturday at Ventura

Robert and I went up to Ventura last Saturday so he could do a project for his photography class. We first went downtown on Main and California St. We went to City Hall of Ventura and Robert took some pics. In front of City Hall there is a statue of Father Juniper. He is important to Ventura(Buenaventura as we used to be called, in regards of "good fortune of land") Because he found 8 local California Missions. Southern California is loaded with Missions and I hope to take Robert to see every single one.

After pictures at City Hall, we walked down Main St and went into many antique stores, Robert took some great pictures of interesting antiques. Then I took him to Ventura Theatre, which is on Chestnut and Main. It's a really old building that used to hold plays, then movies, now it holds concerts(band shows). Across the street we saw a man walking his cute Bassett Hound so Rob asked if he could take their picture for school. The owner was way cool about it and him and his dog sat for Robert. The pic turned out great.

After Robert got enough pictures we headed down to Ventura Beach on C street. We walked along the boardwalk and then up to the pier. And that's where we ended our adventure in Ventura. Hopefully next Saturday I can take Robert to see other sites he hasn't been to.


Jennie said...

The picture at the title of your blog is so cool.

Jessica Kay said...

Ahh, I miss CA's been pouring here since Monday =( I think summer is officially over and now we have to make the best of the rain...cookies! Enjoy the sun for me =)