Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pet Sitting - My New Side Job?

So the day after I found Duncan, his owner called me and asked if I would like to pet sit for them while they would be gone for 2 days. I tought why not, I like dogs and we need the extra dough. I told I would be happy to. Robert and I met with them that evening. They gave me the run down about Duncan's vet visit and his 4 wrapped paws and I met their other dog, Jessie.

The day they left I came over after work to be with the dogs. I walked in the door to only find Jessie in the back yard. Where the crap was Duncan. No this can't be happening to me! I run out front and there he is in the front yard shaking to death and peeing himself. He runs under the R.V. and stays there shaking and messing himself. I have no idea whats wrong, I try to call him out but he wont budge. I called Robert and made him come help me. I was able to grab his tail and Robert grabbed his collar, and we had to just pull. We got him in the house, cleaned him up and gave him his meds.

That night I slept with both dogs, and woke up the next morning with flea bites everywhere. I went to work and when I came home I brought them to my house and I gave them a flea bath. Robert had flea bites only on his legs. whole back was covered in red bites. After the bath I took them back to their home and I washed everything. I was there until 9pm washing the blankets, towels, and dog beds.
Despite the fleas and Duncan messing himself I had a good time with them.


Jennie said...

They are so lucky you were watching them.

Ryan said...

ewww. was the house all nasty flea-y?