Sunday, August 24, 2008

Roommate Reunion

Another Saturday came and I was excited to take Robert down to where I used to live one of the best years of my life. Earlier that week I got a text from Pam, one of my previous roomates from the OC. She informed me that Bayba (Emily, another one of the roomies) was in town from Utah with her husband and their daughter. They wanted to get together and have a roommate reunion. I was so stoked on the joy that this text from Pam brought to me. I told Robert our Satuday eveing plans to go to Buena Park to hang with my roomies, and that before we were to meet them I was going to take him on a fun filled excursion to Seal Beach, and Long Beach. We first ate at the amazing Taco Surf, then walked to the Seal Beach pier, walked up and down Main Street, saw some senior citizens playing in a brass band, Then proceeded up to Long Beach to take up some time before the reunion. We decided to check out the Queen Mary, but only walked on the outside of it cause you have to pay to go in and we didn't have a ton of time or money to take the tours. After getting lost on the 710 we made it to Buena Park. I was so happy to see my girls. We caught up on life and our joys and struggles of it. These girls were my foundation for becoming active again, and finding my voice and confidence. Everyday I am thankful for the positive influences they had brought into my life. I love my roomies with all my heart. Being with them that night didn't even feel like we had been separated from eachother all that long. We kinda picked up where we left off. Thats the true meaning of awesome friends.

All (well almost all) the roomies together with their families

The Queen Mary in Long Beach. Yeah, It's haunted

Robert and Me at Seal Beach Pier
We had lunch at Taco Surf in Seal Beach. One of my fave places to eat

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Jessica Kay said...

yeah for roomie reunions. And you seriously make me want to move back to CA with all your fun beach posts.