Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wag n' Walk Outcome

Robert, Quanah(my nephew), Oscar, Link, and I woke up at 7AM for our eventful day. We all got to the Rancho Simi Park for the 3rd annual Wag n' Walk at 8AM. I signed Link and myself in for our 3 mile walk then went and got the continental breakfast for the rest of our party. Brenna came around 8:30 AM and kept us company and took pictures of cute dogs. There was SO many dogs there with their owners all ready to walk for a special cause. I know it doesn't beat cancer walks, but it was important to the dog lovers in our community.

At 9AM everybody took off on to the 3 mile walk. We were up at the front area for awhile but then Robert had to take Oscar home because he was getting overwhelmed. So we waited some time for Robert to get back and meet up with us. Our friend Omar showed up too with his Min Pin, Suki. Once we were all together we began our Walk again. I was so proud of Link. He would get tired at times, and then get a little burst of energy and want to get ahead of other dogs. He did so well. We didn't finish last, but it wasn't a race, Link just likes to think of things as a race so he gets antsy. But he did so well, he is a great walking partner.

After we had finished the walk, we watched a search and rescue demonstration, then stayed around to see if we won any raffles. It was a fun day that started really early for Link.

Thank you so much to everyone that sponsored me and Link. We were $50 bones away from our goal, but that doesn't matter. I got closer to it than I thought I would so thank you to those who helped us and helped the animals that need the medical attention and happy loving homes that they deserve.


Ashley Pollard said...

Hello Bethany!
This is Ashley Sims or now Ashley Pollard! how are look great! I hope you don't mind I saw your blog on Jessica Kay's page...if its ok i would love to add you!!!! neways its good to see how great your doing!

Ashley Pollard said...

Hey Bethany!
I would love to see you! I miss talking to you...I was telling bobby how we used to have a lot of fun together...I'll give you a call this week...just let me know when would be good for you!

brenbot. said...

I look dead in that photo. Maybe its because I hadn't eaten for 6 days.