Thursday, November 13, 2008

I am a "Mormon" and a victim of a hate crime

So this prop 8 has gotten out of control. I have not spoken about it because before I was on the fence. Protesting is a right people have, I wasn't letting it bother me, but anthrax being sent to religious temples is taking your voice too far. That is considered a hate crime. I am not ok with hate crimes towards anyone, race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. I have always stood up for those being discriminated against. Well not my buttons have been pushed and I am officially offended. Those people out there who are taking "No on 8" too far I have news for them. Those people are giving the ones I love a bad rap and the Mormons who did vote yes on 8 only consist of 2% of the vote. I am seriously outraged. Those of you who know me know that I dont get angered easily and know that I understand both sides of Prop 8. Well now I am angered, I do not enjoy being threatened. What if I was at the temple today? What if someone you or I know and love were at the temple today and were infected? What if this were to happen to anyone who voted yes? Physical threats are not acceptable. I do not wish vengence by my own hand but I do wish vengence by the hand of the law. I do not know how else to describe my anger and hurt through words.


Chelsea Nicole said...

Amen!! Since I'm living in Idaho right now I'm not all up to date on things i hear them about a week later... but i agree with you 100% on this one!

Jessica Kay said...

i didn't know that happened...sad

brenbot. said...

I can understand that you are upset but I just wanted to clarify something. It was not anthrax. CNN article here. Also, outside of the LA temple last week, a LDS member punched a protestor in the face knocking them out cold after calling them a faggot. That is a hate crime. Both sides of this issue have bad apples that are not going about this the right way. It is unfortunate, but true. One bad apple should not discredit the entire group. I think you would agree.

You know you can always talk to me in person about this. Love you.