Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas, Dog-Sitting, and Finals

December was pretty stressful for me. I had a lot to look forward to and a little to not look forward to.

Robert and I were asked to dog-sit during the week of Christmas. We are always willing but we were so stressed with their pets, our dogs, and Christmas all going on at once. Juggling your time between friends and family visiting. It just overwhelmed me.

Christmas was sweet. Despite all our financial issues we were able to get the things we wanted for eachother. Our secret? Started our Christmas shopping in August. Set a certain amount of money a month from August to December. It is totally worth it.

My parents got me a way cool necklace tree that looks like a tree with no leaves. Robert got me a new camera, awesome dog training books and DVDs, and two way cool purses, one is Harajuku Lovers and the other is Loungefly. And my bro Ryan got me the whole set of Harajuku Lover's perfume. Robert got a new fogless shaving mirror from my parents, a whole new wardrobe from me, and the DVD's he has been wanting from me and Ryan.

Oscar and Link also got some cool toys and treats. Santa didn't forget about them.

Also Robert and I both had finals. We were both stressed out about passing them. I knew robert would do fine when I quizzed him. But I was so panicing when I was studying for mine. But I passed and Robert aced his 2 finals. So we both get to move on to the next quarter of school.


Shelly said...

Hurray for passing finals! We knew you could.

Jessica said...

Sorry I never called when I was in Cali. I was so busy with family stuff I never had a moment to myself!