Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years!

New Years Eve was a good night for us. We first went to The Hat for dinner. We shared wet fries and an orange bang. The we went to The Lodge to see the KMJ Experience Band, then headed over to a friends house for good clean fun playing games and eating all the food I could fit in my stomach. We didnt get home until 1 or I really cant remember.

On New Years Day we went to the rescue ranch and worked on training the 2 new pups we have. Harley the Black Lab is so good, he learns so quickly I know he will be a great dog and will get adopted soon. Belle the brown spotted Dalmation is a bit timid and only trusts Robert. We think she may have had a traumatizing past, so Robert will continue to work with her so she isn't a "disposable dog". After the rescue we took Oscar & Link on a walk at the park. Link was a naughty boy and did not listen. Just more training is all he needs. That night we saw Marley & Me with "The Voge". It was such a good movie but so sad. We all cried, the entire theatre was in tears. I do recommend this movie, but not in a theatre. Rent and watch at home so no one else will see you burst into tears. Robert read the book, he said he cried more in the book because it goes into much more detail. Both highly recommended for the dog lover within. If you dont cry, you are heartless.


brenbot. said...

I really like that picture of you two. So cute.

Whoa! The word verification word is "renna" - almost my name! Crazy!

Leah said...

Yeah, Marley & Me. Bad date movie... i think i cried for like an hour afterwards