Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weirdest Weekend Ever!

So our weekend starts off with Melissa, Robert and I catching some dinner at First Street Family Restaurant (Kountry Folks). Such a random old people restaurant now owned by Asians. We were also Pet sitting for some friends the whole weekend. The next morning Oscar's new owner came to meet him and it worked out perfectly. He went to a great home. We couldn't have asked for a better home for him. So Oscar left us that morning and then we had the grand opening of the Simi Dog Park at 10 AM. We got Link ready for that since we wanted to keep him busy throughout the day and not have time to think about Oscar being gone. He had a blast, got a lot of attention, we got free t-shirts and hot dogs. Then we brought our friends dogs over to our house to get some exercise and play with Link. One of the dogs jumped in the pool which I didnt expect at all, but it was a warm day so I guess she just needed to cool off. Link was exhausted from all the fun activities. That night we went to Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica with Emily and Melissa. We got back so late to our friends house and what did we find? A brick thrown through the front window, glass everywhere. It was insane. We called the police and filed a report. But we have no idea as to who would have done it or why. We were up until 4 AM just filing a police report and cleaning and calming the dogs down. So Sunday we pretty much slept.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Very Sad News

We have been having some issues lately to where we have to find Oscar a new home. He has been fighting with Link a lot and if he were to get hurt we would not be able to pay for the vet bills. Oscar is better off in a home as the only dog and with a family that can take care of him better than we could. He deserves one on one attention that we can't give him.

I have a few memories to share about Oscar. We got him 7 months after we got married. He tried to sleep in our laundry basket the first night with us, but he snored so loud Robert couldn't sleep and put him out in the living room. The next morning there was a huge poop right in front of the front door.

We made a video of him drinking out of a squirt bottle because we thought it was funny, to this day he still likes to drink out of a squirt bottle.

He won "Best Trick" at Healthy Draper Days. He did a high five for the senior citizen judges.

When Oscar gets hot he goes and sits in the pool and drinks it.

One day after Robert and I left for work, Oscar knocked down the baby gate and ran up to our bedroom probably looking for us and locked himself in our bedroom. When we came home we discovered he was not in the kitchen anymore. When we got to our room there was a huge poop right when you walk in, pieces of wrappings from a pound bar of chocolate that obviously became the poop. We found him in our walk in closet eating my shoes. I had to throw a pair out. P.S. when a dog eats chocolate they hallucinate, do not attempt ever.

Oscar gave some good and expensive times. We love him very much and know he will be going to a loving home that he deserves.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Temple Trip

Last Friday Robert and I went to the LA Temple to do some sealings. It was our first time doing sealings since our own. It was a beautiful experience bringing a series of husbands and wives together for time and all eternity. The best part about that night was that we were the only couple waiting to do sealings and there was a man there all by himself, so he got to participate with us and we were able to seal a family together. I dont ever want to take the Temple for granted. I don't ever want to break my Temple covenants. That experience of bringing a family together forever was enough to continue stregthening my testimony. Right now is especially hard because my sister and he family has left the gospel and their 2 youngest have not been baptized. I am concerned for them, but they are not my responsibility. I can only pray that they will want to be an eternal family again. My fear is that I wont being seeing some of my family members in the end. I pray I will be proven wrong. If Robert and I ever become parents, I pray that we don't make the mistakes that my siblings have made with their families. I feel they have taken their covenants for granted and have taken their family for granted. They don't remember the purpose of family and eternity and the gospel. Maybe one day they will, I just hope it doesn't take loosing another life for them to see that. Since I don't discuss my concerns with them I have to express it somewhere. So to those who read, thanks for listening. I know the Gospel is true. When I was younger I realized that whether I wanted to believe the gospel or not, it was still going to be true. So I needed to make a descision if I was going to continue to be lazy about my morals and make life harder for myself or if I was going to make a committment to my morals and make my life easier by following Heavenly Father's path. I feel I made the right choice. Thank you to all of you who didn't give up on me.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Well everyone, I don't have a job anymore. I have decided I will look at this as a positive thing. I now get to focus 100% on school and finish in a flash and be able to get a job/career in my field. I am overdosing myself on classes and volunteer service and getting my name out to the community. I already have business cards and t-shirts and a window decal. And don't forget my own dog blog! I am set! I can do this. I know I will be much happier and fulfilled knowing that I am doing a service to the community. Wish me luck or let me practice on your dogs.