Monday, March 9, 2009

Very Sad News

We have been having some issues lately to where we have to find Oscar a new home. He has been fighting with Link a lot and if he were to get hurt we would not be able to pay for the vet bills. Oscar is better off in a home as the only dog and with a family that can take care of him better than we could. He deserves one on one attention that we can't give him.

I have a few memories to share about Oscar. We got him 7 months after we got married. He tried to sleep in our laundry basket the first night with us, but he snored so loud Robert couldn't sleep and put him out in the living room. The next morning there was a huge poop right in front of the front door.

We made a video of him drinking out of a squirt bottle because we thought it was funny, to this day he still likes to drink out of a squirt bottle.

He won "Best Trick" at Healthy Draper Days. He did a high five for the senior citizen judges.

When Oscar gets hot he goes and sits in the pool and drinks it.

One day after Robert and I left for work, Oscar knocked down the baby gate and ran up to our bedroom probably looking for us and locked himself in our bedroom. When we came home we discovered he was not in the kitchen anymore. When we got to our room there was a huge poop right when you walk in, pieces of wrappings from a pound bar of chocolate that obviously became the poop. We found him in our walk in closet eating my shoes. I had to throw a pair out. P.S. when a dog eats chocolate they hallucinate, do not attempt ever.

Oscar gave some good and expensive times. We love him very much and know he will be going to a loving home that he deserves.


The Olsens said...

Thanks for sharing those memories!

Shelly said...

We haven't had as many fun memories, since Oscar has mostly been an outside dog since he's been here. But Grandma will miss him. We've had a special bond since the beginnning, and she's not really a dog lover (shhh, don't tell Oscar). He must have known that, and he won my heart.