Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Drs. Appointment #2: Diagnosis

Yesterday I went back to my Allergist/Immune Specialist to recieve my blood test results. What the Dr. was about to tell was not what I had expected or wanted to hear. I have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, which basically means I cannot digest gluten proteins and when I eat gluten I will have a series of internal problems that are typical symptoms that could last up to weeks. My Dr has said that Celiac is still in research to find out if it is genetic or caused by trauma to the nervous system, also I really can't be told how long I have had this. I wouldn't be surprised if I have had it my whole life since I have been suffering from my symptoms for so long. I am happy to finally have some answers and a diagnosis but I am going through some emotions right now. I am not sure where to begin, there is so much to learn and mentally digest. I look forward to tackling this and feeling better. But the big worry right now is we don't have the funds to even re-grocery shop and gluten free foods can add up more expensively than regular foods. I still don't know how we are going to pay for all the Dr bills and blood tests. This has been really stressing me out about our financial bind. I am thankful that Robert has been really understanding and supportive about me needing to find out what has been wrong with me but I can't help but feel guilty for not finding the answers sooner when we had the money to do so. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what to do or what to sell, what bills not to pay. I have applied to so many jobs and have had interviews but nothing is working out. My unemployment stopped coming because they are waiting on proof of my Dr appointments and diagnoses results in order to continue recieving checks. I am an emotional wreck right now. I have to have faith that we will get through this.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Dogs Life

Since I have been without work and have had pet sitting cancelations the money has been tight to the point of having nothing in our account until the next paycheck. So I have been taking this free time that I have to take the dogs places a lot. It gets me out of the house and it gets them away from the back gate barking at every passer-by, plus if I have the dogs with me I am choosing to do free activities and it keeps me from shopping because I would never bring Link and Nessie into a store and pretend like I trust them not to pee on anything.

Lately I have been taking them to the beach with their friend Woody and my dear friends, Colleen and Emily. And since Link needs to lose some extra pounds Robert and I have been taking them on hikes, and when Robert is at work Colleen and I take them hiking. They love it! When I don't feel like driving far, Simi Dog Park here we come with Woody and Emily at our side. I have been trying to find more and more places to take them by searching That website has pretty much sold me, I now want to buy their books. My dogs have it made!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Every testimony meeting at church I always feel prompted to get up and share my testimony about families being able to be together forever. Except I don't all the time. I guess it's normal to share the same testimony over and over again, and maybe it needs to reach someone in particular. So I decided to blog it to give me more confidence when it comes time for testimony meeting again.

Basically I feel overwhelmed with absolute joy and gratitude for making the choice to be with Robert for eternity. He is heaven sent for sure. I love him with all my heart and love how much he loves me. Whatever type of family Heavenly Father has planned for us I am grateful that I will have a family to be with forever.

Before I met Robert, most of you are probably aware that I didn't grow up super active in the church and wasn't always living my life accordingly. And most of you might not know how influential you were in my life and I want to thank you for being an example to me. Jessica (Jones) Kay, and Ashley (Sims) Pollard, you both are amazing people and I am always grateful to know you. You both truly were examples to me in high school and beyond. You may not have known it but you were, thank you for being you. My roomies, Pam, Bayba, and Jones you three helped me get through the toughest struggle of my life - gaining my own personal testimony, the three of you were excellent examples to me as well at the time we lived together and after to even now. You all were placed in my life by divine intervention I just know it. I would go as far as saying the three of you saved my life from hell.

As I look back on my life before Robert I realize how much I filled it with selfish indulgences. I was living in the "now" instead of preparing for the future. Once I learned this everything started to make sense. The Gospel was coming together for me. It really was that easy to give up "my ways" to spend time and all eternity with Robert and our family and the family members who passed on before now. I was the one who was making it hard. You really can give up what you need to in order to have a family forever. Temporal worldly things don't compare to a family for time and all eternity. Coffee, alcohol, and booty shorts hold no comparison. I am living pure joy because of my choice to be sealed to Robert. I have to say he is worth every moment of it. Keeping the covenants I made are worth every moment of it. Going to church isn't that hard, I am the one who makes it hard. Reading my scriptures or saying my prayers aren't hard, once again I am the one who makes it hard. We all have choices to make and I know making the right choice has made life easier. I plan on keeping up my end of the deal to continue to have what I have been promised.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Link's Birthday Party

I wanted to throw a birthday party for Link so that all his dog friends would come over and play. I always try to set up playdates for Link and Nessie so they don't get too bored and become destructive, but playdates don't always work out. I knew if I threw a party, his friends would come. Well half of the invited dog friends came, but good enough. Link had a lot of fun playing with his cousin, Rocky, his best-friend, Woody and his new friend, Emma. It was so nice to see him run around with the dogs he is most comfortable with. I also made some awesome cupcakes for the dogs made out of ground turkey, rice, oats, carrots, egg, and yams baked together like a meatloaf in cupcake pans and frosted with canned pumpkin. Well, those dogs devoured their cupcakes, it must have been delicious but I wasn't going to find out for myself. Link opened his birthday presents. He got a weight loss plan from Grandma and Grandpa, some toys and poop bags from Rocky, and a Target giftard and Scooby Snacks from Emma. Thank's everyone for making Links day special. I know he had fun even though he didn't know what was going on. P.S. Link is 4 or 5 years old (28 or 35 in dog years)He is such a good boy and I love him very very much and I hope we have many more birthdays with him.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Drs. Appointment #1: Allergeis

Today I had an appointment to do an allergy test in order to know what may be causing some of my odd symptoms. They did a series of food allergy tests and environment allergy tests, they also had to take my blood for any immune disorders and wheat allergies. The results? I am practically allergic to every tree, weed, and grass in the U.S. (go figure, that didn't surprise me) I have allergies to dust and dog/cat hair, that didn't surprise me either. What did surprise me was the foods I am allergic to, I would have never known these foods could cause my joint pain, fatigue or migraines. So here is the random list:

* Soybean
* Cantaloupe
* Watermelon
* String beans
* Almonds
* Filberts
* Hazelnuts
* Mustard
* Sesame Seed
* Garlic
* Shellfish
* Hops (beer)

I will have to read pretty much every label of already seasoned and flavored foods. Some of these things I didn't like eating in the first place so I don't miss out on some, but soy, garlic, almonds, and cantaloupe disappoints me. Soy and garlic is in so much and I don't always realize I am eating half of this stuff, so now I know what to look out for. So now my face is numb and itchy from all my allergies at once in me. Next week I see a rheumatologist for more on my joint pains and in two weeks I will have my blood test results for immune disorders and celiac/wheat allergy and I will also be taking a breath test for dairy allergies. So more to come my friends.