Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Dogs Life

Since I have been without work and have had pet sitting cancelations the money has been tight to the point of having nothing in our account until the next paycheck. So I have been taking this free time that I have to take the dogs places a lot. It gets me out of the house and it gets them away from the back gate barking at every passer-by, plus if I have the dogs with me I am choosing to do free activities and it keeps me from shopping because I would never bring Link and Nessie into a store and pretend like I trust them not to pee on anything.

Lately I have been taking them to the beach with their friend Woody and my dear friends, Colleen and Emily. And since Link needs to lose some extra pounds Robert and I have been taking them on hikes, and when Robert is at work Colleen and I take them hiking. They love it! When I don't feel like driving far, Simi Dog Park here we come with Woody and Emily at our side. I have been trying to find more and more places to take them by searching dogfriendly.com. That website has pretty much sold me, I now want to buy their books. My dogs have it made!

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Amber said...

It looks like so much fun. I remember taking my dog, Indy, to the beach. He LOVED to chase the seagulls. The beach is a great workout for them and a sensory stimulating place. You have very lucky puppies!