Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Drs. Appointment #1: Allergeis

Today I had an appointment to do an allergy test in order to know what may be causing some of my odd symptoms. They did a series of food allergy tests and environment allergy tests, they also had to take my blood for any immune disorders and wheat allergies. The results? I am practically allergic to every tree, weed, and grass in the U.S. (go figure, that didn't surprise me) I have allergies to dust and dog/cat hair, that didn't surprise me either. What did surprise me was the foods I am allergic to, I would have never known these foods could cause my joint pain, fatigue or migraines. So here is the random list:

* Soybean
* Cantaloupe
* Watermelon
* String beans
* Almonds
* Filberts
* Hazelnuts
* Mustard
* Sesame Seed
* Garlic
* Shellfish
* Hops (beer)

I will have to read pretty much every label of already seasoned and flavored foods. Some of these things I didn't like eating in the first place so I don't miss out on some, but soy, garlic, almonds, and cantaloupe disappoints me. Soy and garlic is in so much and I don't always realize I am eating half of this stuff, so now I know what to look out for. So now my face is numb and itchy from all my allergies at once in me. Next week I see a rheumatologist for more on my joint pains and in two weeks I will have my blood test results for immune disorders and celiac/wheat allergy and I will also be taking a breath test for dairy allergies. So more to come my friends.


Shelly said...

I hope this proves to be the right answer for you. Haha, now you have to cook more so I don't poison you. The only thing I have to be careful with is garlic because I use it so much. The rest is easy, and I already (mostly) avoid stuff that Dad doesn't like. It really isn't a huge list of things to avoid, so if it works that will be wonderful!

Adria & Darren said...

Bethany, you are about to become a great cook! Since Darren shares some of your same allergies (soy, sesame, shellfish...as well as trees, cats & dogs, etc.) I have learned to make just about everything we eat from scratch. It takes extra time, but it's worth the effort so you are no longer suffering! I need to call you and chat about this over the phone :o)

Corinne said...

I have severe food allergies as well. I have had to go to making things completely from scratch. Even though it is a lot of work it is definitely worth it! If you end up being allergic to wheat and diary I have ideas for you.