Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Link's Birthday Party

I wanted to throw a birthday party for Link so that all his dog friends would come over and play. I always try to set up playdates for Link and Nessie so they don't get too bored and become destructive, but playdates don't always work out. I knew if I threw a party, his friends would come. Well half of the invited dog friends came, but good enough. Link had a lot of fun playing with his cousin, Rocky, his best-friend, Woody and his new friend, Emma. It was so nice to see him run around with the dogs he is most comfortable with. I also made some awesome cupcakes for the dogs made out of ground turkey, rice, oats, carrots, egg, and yams baked together like a meatloaf in cupcake pans and frosted with canned pumpkin. Well, those dogs devoured their cupcakes, it must have been delicious but I wasn't going to find out for myself. Link opened his birthday presents. He got a weight loss plan from Grandma and Grandpa, some toys and poop bags from Rocky, and a Target giftard and Scooby Snacks from Emma. Thank's everyone for making Links day special. I know he had fun even though he didn't know what was going on. P.S. Link is 4 or 5 years old (28 or 35 in dog years)He is such a good boy and I love him very very much and I hope we have many more birthdays with him.

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