Saturday, May 16, 2009


Every testimony meeting at church I always feel prompted to get up and share my testimony about families being able to be together forever. Except I don't all the time. I guess it's normal to share the same testimony over and over again, and maybe it needs to reach someone in particular. So I decided to blog it to give me more confidence when it comes time for testimony meeting again.

Basically I feel overwhelmed with absolute joy and gratitude for making the choice to be with Robert for eternity. He is heaven sent for sure. I love him with all my heart and love how much he loves me. Whatever type of family Heavenly Father has planned for us I am grateful that I will have a family to be with forever.

Before I met Robert, most of you are probably aware that I didn't grow up super active in the church and wasn't always living my life accordingly. And most of you might not know how influential you were in my life and I want to thank you for being an example to me. Jessica (Jones) Kay, and Ashley (Sims) Pollard, you both are amazing people and I am always grateful to know you. You both truly were examples to me in high school and beyond. You may not have known it but you were, thank you for being you. My roomies, Pam, Bayba, and Jones you three helped me get through the toughest struggle of my life - gaining my own personal testimony, the three of you were excellent examples to me as well at the time we lived together and after to even now. You all were placed in my life by divine intervention I just know it. I would go as far as saying the three of you saved my life from hell.

As I look back on my life before Robert I realize how much I filled it with selfish indulgences. I was living in the "now" instead of preparing for the future. Once I learned this everything started to make sense. The Gospel was coming together for me. It really was that easy to give up "my ways" to spend time and all eternity with Robert and our family and the family members who passed on before now. I was the one who was making it hard. You really can give up what you need to in order to have a family forever. Temporal worldly things don't compare to a family for time and all eternity. Coffee, alcohol, and booty shorts hold no comparison. I am living pure joy because of my choice to be sealed to Robert. I have to say he is worth every moment of it. Keeping the covenants I made are worth every moment of it. Going to church isn't that hard, I am the one who makes it hard. Reading my scriptures or saying my prayers aren't hard, once again I am the one who makes it hard. We all have choices to make and I know making the right choice has made life easier. I plan on keeping up my end of the deal to continue to have what I have been promised.


Jessica said...

Thank you

Classic Jones said...

Bethany, you have such a beautiful testimony. I wish you could have served your mission, but now I know your life will be the best mission ever! I love you tons,

Shelly said...

That was beautiful. Where were you when I needed those comments in my class today? So happy for you and for the choice you have made to live a blessed life.

Ashley Pollard said...


That was a beautiful testimony...I have always known you had a special spirit....and have always been so kind to me....I thank you for that and I am so glad that you found Robert and can spend eternity with him....being sealed and having a family forever is such a special thing....thank you for touching my heart....Luv ya tons!!!

Corinne said...

Beautiful!What a great example you are to the those young women!