Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I know, I know. It has been over a month since I've "blogged" I am either having too much fun or I just don't feel like it. Well, what has been happening since the end of June? My mom came to visit. We took her to Solvang and just spent quality time with her. We had a splendid time and miss Mom very much. Can't wait to visit with her again.
Then Robert's sister, Leah and her friend, Aubrey came to California for a fun adventure. We went to Disneyland, Santa Monica, Zuma Beach, Ventura, Olvera Street, Fashion District, Hollywood, Universal City Walk, and Camarillo Outlets. The girls had so much fun and I know they want to come back. Robert and I loved having them here and hope they come back again.
Then we spent some time at Leo Carrillo visiting with my cousins and Aunt & Uncle. We had a blast and enjoyed every minute of it.
Last but not least. We found out I'm 4 weeks pregnant. We didn't plan this, but we are happy and terrified at the same time. I am already uncomfortable with how my body is feeling so I am not looking forward to 9 months of this. I am very aware of every little feeling I have in my body. I wish I wasn't. We are very surprised that I was able to get pregnant, my OB said it's most likely due to me becoming gluten free, so I don't have the gluten inside me to attack and malnurish me. The key is staying pregnant now. I am definitely afraid of another miscarriage, but if that's what happens then maybe that's what needs to happen to get more answers. We are trying to stay positive.


Missy and Nick said...

Hey Bethany! Congrats on being pregnant. I didn't know you had a miscarriage before. I am so sorry. I'm having a really difficult time getting pregnant. It is an emotional rollercoaster. The doctors keep telling me to be positive so it's good that you are doing that. Good luck with everything. Keep me posted. Love you girl!

Amber said...

Congratulations Bethany and Robert! That is very exciting.

Ashley Pollard said...

Bethany!!!! That is so are going to be a wonderful mother!!! I am so excited for you!!!!! Congrats and good luck!!! Let us know if you need anything!!!