Friday, September 25, 2009

Some recent happenings

Well I graduated Animal Behavior College so I will be receiving my CDT (Dog Training Certification) soon. But, I am now seen as qualified to train dogs but I like to do more of problem solving to encourage people to keep their pets. It's a challenge and that's what I want.

Robert got an internship at Arcade. We hope it will turn into a career position eventually. It's an unpaid internship but it will still count as school credit so that's a plus.

Baby is fine. My due date keeps changing and I expect it will continue to change through out the rest of the pregnancy. Just expect sometime in early April. I am pretty much sick all the time and the heartburn doesn't seem to cease, but slowly it is getting better. I am showing just a little bit. We officially heard the heart beat the other day, but it still doesn't seem real to us. I guess we both don't want to be excited until the baby is actually here and healthy. We both have felt that something could go wrong considering my health and how my body deals with certain circumstances.