Friday, October 9, 2009

Feeling Alone

Lately I have been realizing that I have no idea what I'm doing. I don't know anything about pregnancy or babies. I don't have any younger siblings so all this stuff is so new to me. In our ward everyone pretty much already has children. I feel alone in my pregnancy. The girls that I consider my friends that are pretty much due around the same time as I am are all so far away from me that I don't have someone to be pregnant with and share my thoughts and feelings and what's normal, what's not. This is the depressing part of being the youngest child in the family by 12 years. The advice is old and the medical field is in constant forward change. I just want someone to relate to and be close with. I want to be social and I want my child to be social so I hope we can eventually move to a ward that has children around the age of mine or someone pregnant will move into our ward. Sounds silly, but I need this.


The Waldram Family said...

That has to be one of the worst feelings. Even though I am in Utah, we can still facebook friends ;)


Jennie said...

I think the majority of people don't feel like they know what they are doing when it comes to babies. I have 5 younger brothers, babysat all the time, and worked with kids, but when you have your own - its different. I bought a book that helped me know if things Catherine was doing were normal. It is by the American Academy of Pediatrics called Caring for your baby and young child birth to age 5. What to expect when you are expecting is a pretty popular book for pregnancy stuff. You can probably find them at the library.

Branch out to other wards in the stake. I know there are playgroups for moms that meet at the park or do other things. You can start going to them now and talk to other moms about stuff. Playgroups have been such a blessing for me out here.

I love ya!

Emily said...

Oh Bethany! I am sorry you feel lonely. Move back to Utah :) You will have LOTS of prego buddies.

Ok, for reals though. You learn as you go. Don't overthink it! You can "what-if" until you give yourself an ulcer. You will be an awesome mom!

Maybe try to enjoy your status as the lone prego girl. No one is gonna steal your thunder! I would ask your RS prez if she knows of any mommy-groups or other new moms in the stake. Look online for mommy play groups in your area. See if your local library has a baby story time program.

Good luck! Call ANY time!

Heather and Spencer said...

Feel free to give me a call or anything if you ever want to talk or hang baby and my little guy can be BFFs. IF you dont want to spend the money (in my case I would never sit and actually read a pregnancy book), go on
IT is all the same info the book has, but if you sign up, you get weekly emails about what is going on in your pregnancy. It will also continue to send you updates for your baby's first year, about different things they are doing at each age and all the milestones.
I am home most of the time, so feel free to call!

Ryan 'n' Joy said...

I think everybody at some point in their pregnancy feels alone- I know I did- It's okay, its normal - Don't forget Ari and I were always willing to hang out, and my baby advise (if you want it) is pretty current. The books I brought over are great - girlfriends guide is funny and really practical, What to expect is pretty much exactly what its titled and Dr. Sear's Baby book became my baby bible - is a great resource and if you are looking for other moms or expecting moms you can look there or at
Hey and if you start a playgroup/mommy group, let me know - I could use the mommy friends

love ya lady

Missy said...

Hey Bethany! I haven't told many people yet but I am 10 weeks pregnant. I'm not officially announcing it until after the first trimester but I wanted you to know that I am here if you want to chat. I know we live far apart but I am definitely in the same shoes. I am an only child and no nothing about babies. Little scared too! I love your profile pic. It is awesome!!

Jessica said...

Call my sister!

racheyroy said...

Someday I will live in California again. I swear. Until then, lets talk all we can because I don't have anyone here either. Suprising in the land of married couples and babies I know, but still.