Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh Baby

So last night, Robert and I felt baby do some acrobatics or stretching or something. I don't know what they do in there, it must be boring. Robert had his hand on my belly and quickly removed it. I said "Did you feel what I just felt?" His reply "Yeah, that was weird" Agreed.

I still haven't been able to put on weight. I range between 90 to 94 lbs. Now remember I can't eat most of the foods out there that carry all the calories, so before you tell me to go chow down on a donut I am going to politely remind you that they contain gluten which will make me really sick if I partake. As much as I would love to just go out and order a dozen donuts and eat them by myself in the corner of the room I can't for the sake of my health and the baby's. I would give anything for a chocolate chip bagel toasted with cream cheese from John's Bagel Deli, but it's not happening.

The belly grows, but nothing else does. I have been able to eat more foods, such as steak, broccoli, honeydew melon, corn tortilla quesadillas with pinto beans, rice, seaweed, miso soup, but still have no appetite. I love candy right now. Especially chocolate bars and sour gummies.

I am constantly thirsty. I'll drink a bottle of water and a minute later I'll be so thirsty again.

I hate getting up to use the restroom every 2 hours throughout the night. I just want to sleep for once. Such an inconvenience.

Oh and am I moody or what? It takes every little bit of calmness I have left inside of me to not be a jerk to everyone around me. If I do lose my cool, I hope I will be forgiven and that they would understand.


Jennie said...

I had a night last week that I didn't have to get up to go to the bathroom and it was wonderful.

My baby boy has been moving around a lot. After awhile, I get used to it, but it seems like he is the most active when I want to sleep.

Its all part of the experience. I look at my little Catherine and as hard and crazy as it gets - it will all be worth it.

Emily said...

I'm sorry you can't eat whatever you want!! Baby movement is weird - but enjoy it. My sis-in-law said that it was the ONLY part of being preggo that she liked. After you have the baby you will be amazed at how long you can go between potty breaks! That was like, one of the first things I noticed right after I had Aimee... I was like, Hey, it's been like 3 hours since I used the bathroom. Craziness!
Also - you will continue to have "ghost baby" (as I like to call it) sensations after you have the baby. Ah! I'm so excited for you!! Each as much candy as you like!

Heather and Spencer said...

I totally know how you are feeling! I hated being pregnant, another reason we are not having another yet! Enjoy the food you can eat! My problem was I wanted everything, but knew it would make me throw up. Hopefully some of that gluten free food at Fresh and Easy will hep the cravings! You saw the cake mixes right?

Jessica said...

Lucky girl. I'd take this opportunity to demand steak for every meal. You need to pack on some lbs and cant do the gluten route. Be a carnivour!