Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So I have been meaning to blog about the last date Robert and I went on. We had heard awhile back that our fave band, The Get Up Kids, were getting back together and they were doing an anniversary tour. Well, I was not going to miss out on seeing them and I made Robert buy tickets as soon as they went on sale. This was before I became pregnant, but when we learned of this news I was not going to let it stop me. Yes, I felt sick that night but I dealt with it. Robert and I found a place where I could sit without having people bump into me. Anyways, we had a lovely night, and I was so stoked to see the band I love most with all my heart. They band that brought Robert and me together. The band with the most amazing song that we chose as our wedding song to dance to at our reception. Plus this was the last concert I would have been able to attend until the baby is born and we get a babysitter. Despite the heart burn I enjoyed every minute of watching them play and I know Robert did too. In my opinion, The Get Up Kids are the best band to see live.

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kelli(ann) said...

aww so cute! great pic too. glad you got to see your favorite band! =)