Monday, December 28, 2009

25 Weeks

This picture is terrible, I know. But lucky for you I have an excuse. I'm battling a sinus cold.

25 week update

M.E.: She is growing bigger all the time. I feel her move and stretch quite a bit. Mostly when it's time to eat or wake up. She also moves a lot when Neil Diamond is playing. That makes me proud. It's funny to watch her move around. I think she and Link have already created a bond. He likes to rest his head on my belly more these days, and she likes to kick him. 

Bethany: Belly growths hurt. I hate wearing bras. I want to eat non stop. I'm still having emotional issues. The belly button is out. I can't see my feet. I would rather sleep than go out. I'm really tired all the time. My cravings change each week. One week it was french fries, another week it was ice cream. I have a lot of leg cramps and back pain. 

Robert: He has been amazing through out the pregnancy. He is excited about having a daughter and adding to our family. He has also been so supportive and trying to make things easier on me. I know helping me out exhausts him, but he is willing to do it because he loves me. He works really hard and I appreciate all he does.  Having a baby has really made our relationship grow stronger and our love for each other is deeper. 


Oliverson Family said...

Bethany!!! Oh my goodness! I found your blog by chance off Lauren's. Funny I just saw your cute Christmas card on my mom's fridge and she told me you were pregnant. Congrats on the pregnancy.(Well maybe not the pregnancy part but the exciting news of expecting a little girl.) :) I have to say I didn't care for pregnancy either. Super sick and a bear for 9 months with each one. :) Reading through your blog you're a great writer. You seem so able to clearly express your feelings. Good to hear you have a loving husband and a great doctor. People I'm sure you're grateful for.I have no doubt you are going to be a wonderful mom Bethany. You have such a sweet and compassionate nature and a huge heart. So fun to be able to catch up on what you have been up to. If you ever want to catch up our blog is Much loves, Jeanette P.S.I 'm sure you don't want to hear this but you sure are an adorable pregnant mama!:)

Mandy said...

Ok sorry we couldn't hang out in CA, grandparents occupied all the time and then my aunt died so it was downhill from there.

BUT, I do have awesome preggo advice to pass on...about the leg cramps, take TUMS with calcium before bed. The calcium and whatever else is in TUMS totally helps with the leg cramps. I used to wake up screaming with them, but I did this and it totally worked.