Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Friend S. Miles

I consider S. Miles my friend. I don't know if she considers me her friend, but that doesn't matter so much anymore. I used to worry she didn't like me and I wanted her to like me so bad. Maybe she does now, but the important thing is that I like her, I consider her my friend because I want to. That pretty much goes for everyone. I consider everyone my friend whether they like it or not. Even if you hate me, that's your problem because you are still my friend in my mind. Anyways, back to S.Miles.

I know she has been through a lot in life, just as I have. I don't judge her for her choices. That would not be fair. I don't want to be judged by others for my choices. She is who she is and I am who I am. We are not supposed to be the same. Our sorrows and joys are not always the same. She does not know how many pregnancies I have miscarried and the trauma it put on my body, and how much my disease affects my pregnancy, and I do not know how much extensive doctor visits she has had to be able to have children. And it may not be her body that is rejecting pregnancies. We can't always assume that we know someone else's situation when we really don't. We all need to be open minded about others situations in life. Heavenly Father has different plans for both of our families. There is a particular reason why our plans are not the same. She knows her plan and follows it, I know my plan and I follow it. I will not judge her for the plan Heavenly Father has for her. And if I say that I am not having another child after this one, that needs to be accepted by others out there because they don't know what confirmation I may already have from Heavenly Father. We all have different plans, and we are meant to struggle through these plans for a reason. I show my struggles differently than others, it's how I know how to cope. The same goes for S. Miles, she will cope in her struggles differently than I. But I will still be her friend. I will still help her out the best way I know how. She has helped me through things whether she is aware of it or not and I thank her deeply for that.


The Waldram Family said...

Sometimes the internet can be tricky...especially blogs. You open up so much on them and sometimes it is left open for criticism or can hurt people's feelings.

It is so important to remember that everyone has their struggles in life. Mine right now is that I can't get pregnant either...soon to be placed on "toxic" chemicals that I know will make me a total WITCH!Is it worth it? Without a doubt...YES!

I look at my sister in law who seriously got pregnant in less than a month...it is hard not to think "WOW...she is so lucky"...but than again she has her own struggles. Her family is debating on even having more children because her son requires to go to special schools for behavorial issues. She knows that her son requires more attention and care and doesn't know if more children would benefit her family in the long run.

Bethany I am seriously here for you! Just trust in the Lord!

S.Miles said...

You have been my friend and always will be my friend. Simple as that. I never thought for a second you bought into your "friends" comment. Promise.

Jennie said...

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