Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3rd Trimester

Well, I have made it to the 3rd trimester. I am 28 weeks and M.E. is moving non stop. We went to an ultrasound last week and all the pictures of M.E. have her hands and feet covering her face. So no updated picture this month, unless you want to see hands and feet. The doctor confirmed again for me that we are having a girl (I needed the reassurance). M.E. is now 2 lbs and 6 oz. She does not like to share her space with Robert, or Link. Link doesn't quite care, he takes it as a head massage.

I am constantly hungry. I want to eat non-stop, not to mention I am always thirsty and nothing seems to quench that thirst. Sleeping is proving to be more and more difficult, and poor Robert gets up with me to make sure I am okay and tries so hard to help me get comfortable. My legs hurt and tingle all the time. They are very restless when it comes to sleeping. From lack of sleep, I am so weak and energy less that to fulfill any daily tasks feels like climbing a mountain. Days like this make me more thankful for Robert. He is so helpful and understanding. I really do appreciate him and all he does for me with no complaints.

Now that there is only 12 weeks left until my due date, I am paying more attention to what my body is doing and feeling, trying really hard not to induce any early labor. Taking things easy and trying to take control of my anxiety. I already found a therapist and had my first appointment with her this last weekend. She is dedicated to helping me and has given me affirmations to say when I feel anxiety coming on. She also warned me that I am a most likely candidate for postpartum depression. Which is obviously something I am afraid of, but I need to prepare for how to overcome it. The likely hood of me breast feeding is now very slim, but I prepared myself for that in my first trimester. Sometimes the intuitions I get prove to be correct, so I accept them, and I am thankful for them. If I don't my stress level would sky-rocket when things don't go the way I expect them to.  I have to not allow myself to feel disappointment when things are out of my control.


Shelly said...

I wish I could make all the hurt and anxiety just go away. I know its hard for you to believe, but you really will be just an amazing mom. Don't think about being overwhelmed or that you're not measuring up to what others do. Who cares! Between the diapers, the feedings, and the (we hope) occasional crying, you will have a warm, cuddly, new little one to love and adore. There is nothing like holding your little one and watching her grow each day. God's creations are amazing, and humans are the most perfect of those creations. This will be the most amazing time of your life to this point, so look forward to the joy and try not to stress. There is only one baby who was ever perfect and one mother who probably did everything right. Look to your adoring husband, who will also just be learning to be a dad. Help each other, laugh together, and remember there are others who love you guys and are here for you. We want the best!

Emily said...

Oh Bethany! I am sorry it's so hard to sleep at night. I remember those awful tingling legs and feet! And those first steps in the morning are so uncomfortable. I'm glad that Robert is being so great. Can you imagine willingly doing this kind of thing alone??? Craziness.
But I promise you that M.E. will totally be worth it all once she gets here and you can hold her! PS - I'm typing this as my child is throwing a huge fit :)
I'm SO excited for you!!

Missy said...

Some words of motivation. You're almost done!!! You are doing good. You can do it. Lucky you don't have to work. I would do anything to be home.

Ryan said...

Where's a post about the price is right?

Sierra said...

Well I do hope a little comfort will be taken when you learn that I too couldn't breastfeed my first and he is doing quite well. :) Better to be a happy mommy. As far as leg cramps go, I have this with my pregnancies too. I don't know if you can, but pregnancy yoga just 10 to 15 min before I go to bed releases the stress and stretches out the kinks, also very relaxing. This will help after the pregnancy too. There is one you can do with your baby that really helps with the bonding. I just wanted to maybe help, no need to post this, just for you if you don't mind.

kelli said...

oh my goodness, martika's toy soldiers was my favorite song as a kid! i still love it.

i hope you, robert and m.e. are doing well! =)