Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ode to Robert


You are my rock, my strength, and the love of my life. I have so much love and respect for you and the way you take care of your little family. I know that when no one else is there for me, you are always by my side comforting me and uplifting my spirits with the right words.

You have been an amazing husband and amazing future father through out the pregnancy. You have done more for me than I could really ever ask for. I don't know where you find the energy to help me, go to school, and work full time. You certainly fulfill your duties to the fullest and beyond.

Heavenly Father has surely blessed me. I thank Him everyday for sending you my way. You are the one decision I know I didn't go wrong on. I know that we can make it through any struggle. We have already been through so much in the short time that we have been married, but it only makes our marriage stronger. No one can break us.

My love for you grows stronger each day and my heart swells with the unconditional love I feel for our child. You will be the best father to our M.E. We are truly blessed to be able to share this unexpected blessing together.

I love you my darling husband.


Ryan 'n' Joy said...

Bethany -
you and Robert have always been a testament to me of how perfect a couple can truly be for one another...

Robert and Bethany Pearson said...

Thank you Joy. That means a lot to me.

Missy said...

That was so sweet to write that about your husband. I'm sure he feels the same about you!

erik said...

Robert Pearson is one good dude. P.S. Robert, you still need to write about Warren Zevon and how folks can't be going around defiling his songs, or song.