Friday, January 8, 2010

Time For Some Changes

For the past couple weeks I have been thinking long and hard about what sort of changes/resolutions need to be made. Usually I don't have a hard time with this, but I know lately my mind has been else where. Most of my resolutions have to deal with gaining more muscle mass or get debts taken care of or go back to school. Well, I know I'm not allowed to be working on muscle mass right now, so that will have to wait until the baby is born, and in November we already took care of our debts, then last September I became a certified animal behaviorist and was ready to start the Animal Science Program at Moorpark when I realized how much my first trimester took over my life, school was not going to get accomplished that semester. So time for new changes/resolutions:
1. Get out of my parents house. I appreciate them giving us a place to live, but we truly miss our independence and our family is growing, which is making the house seem smaller (or my dad's junk intake is getting bigger)
2. Read scriptures and family prayer again. We were doing this, and then we let life get in the way. Thankfully Robert and I already made it a habit at the new year, I hope we can keep it going, full well knowing how much busier life is going to get.
3. Get back on my anxiety meds. This may mean I can't breastfeed, but I'ts more important that I am mentally stable to take care of M.E. Since I have been off of them during the pregnancy, my anxiety has heightened and prenatal depression has set in. There is not an ounce of motivation in my system.
4. Get back on the volunteering train. I really miss volunteering with dogs. I have already looked into some rescues that will be easier to volunteer with while having a baby.
5. Stop trying to change my family. I need to let go and let them make their mistakes even if it's going to hurt them. I cannot change them and I cannot get so overwhelmed with trying to do so.
6. Learn to cook/bake gluten free. I hate doing it because I am so bad at it, but if I don't do it I basically don't eat or I eat very little. It's hard when the kitchen isn't mine to experiment in and I don't have my cooking/baking contraptions. But, it's no excuse. I have to do this. I have to finally face it.


The Olsens said...

I love reading your posts. You are one strong woman...thanks for sharing.

Amber said...

I love that New Year's brings with it the tradition of change and resolutions to be happier each year. Good for you for making goals and being proactive to have a great 2010.