Friday, March 5, 2010


I so badly have this overwhelming desire to start nesting for lil' miss M.E., but this is one experience that I will either have to miss out on or wait quite a bit longer than most new mommies due to no money and no space.

We decided to take the dog kennels out and put them in the attic in order to make room for the Pack n' Play crib and dresser. So now the dogs free sleep around our room, which I only recommend if your dog is very well behaved, and thankfully mine are. But I can tell they are constantly looking for their kennels and enjoyed sleeping in them.

Anyways, back to nesting, or the lack there of. Maybe this is why I don't feel prepared to have a baby. I haven't done the things that I feel necessary to prepare. I hate procrastination with a passion. In fact procrastination is my ultimate enemy. There for I am feeling like I have given into the enemy out of my control.

I really just want to get out and go to all the lovely antique stores and start piling together the ideas I hold in my safety deposit box of a brain for M.E.'s space. If you don't know, I absolutely love to antique shop. It's a tradition my mother, sister, and grandmother always shared when we would get together. Speaking of which, my mother comes to visit in a week and a half and I am so excited to see her. I know we will stick to tradition and go antique shopping and then indulge ourselves with delicious ice cream. But whatever I find to buy, it will have to go straight into a box and into the attic, like all the other antiques I have collected.

I really want M.E. to have a space of her own, with her things that she can treasure as she gets older, and I so badly want these things to be vintage antiques rather than the everyday normal stuff you can purchase at just any store. When people ask what her room theme is, I say she doesn't have a theme (I am not particular to themes) because she doesn't have a room to decorate, but I do say her colors are all distressed pinks, blues, greens, browns to bring in the antique feel of things. Hopefully something will work out since I only have 5 more weeks of pregnancy, if that.