Saturday, April 17, 2010

Easter 2010

Okay, I know I'm a couple weeks late on posting this, but you know how it is with a newborn. other things get side lined.

The night before Easter I was trying M.E. in all her lovely dresses, but none of them fit her, so I decided to make her an Easter dress out of some old fabric I had. I made her a skirt late into the night and was very pleased with the end result. The next morning I put M.E. in her Easter skirt, and low and behold it was too big. Ugh! I quickly went through my big ol' bag of fabric and found the bottom half of a dress I used to wear in high school. I quickly drew up a pattern and made her an official Easter dress. She just looked absolutely adorable in it. I was very proud of myself since I don't have much sewing experience and I only know how to hand sew.

I finished that dress just in time for the rest of our family to arrive for Easter brunch, except they didn't until an hour later. After brunch, which was actually at lunch time we watched the last half of conference then my nephew, Dylan, conquered the traditional Hale Easter egg hunt alone. Well, Nessie and Link found a plastic Easter egg filled with dog treats, so I guess Dylan wasn't totally alone.

Pictures include: The attempted Easter skirt (I even made a train in the back that you can't see), The official Easter dress, M.E. with her Easter basket(above), Link and Nessie with Easter egg.


Corinne said...

Your little M.E. is just precious! You are being an awesome mommy! Congratulations !!

Jessica Kay said...

oh congrats!!! the dress is adorable and I'm more impressed because it was just whipped up from an old skirt. you're amazing. your daughter is precious as ever and I'm glad everything went well for you, especially that you went a little early because every mommy knows it's a relief to skip out on those last two weeks!

Jennie said...

Sewing?!!! I'm so impressed. I love the little dress.

Missy said...

I love the little outfit you made. Very talented Bethany!