Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Mayo with the Pearson's

Every Cinco de Mayo is our wedding anniversary. We celebrated 4 years of an adventurous marriage. Since we have a new addition to our humble family we decided to take her along for the ride. First we tackled the Santa Barbara Zoo where we met some awesome elephants, loving parrots, nesting flamingos, suntanning giraffes, and two bachelor gorillas that were not on speaking terms with each other. 

After the zoo we ate lunch at Wahoos, which is located in downtown Santa Barbara on State St.

After lunch we headed to Main St. Ventura to do a bit of antique and thrift shopping. There were a lot of things I wanted but did not need so I refrained from purchasing. Before we left to go back home we decided to have dessert at the Busy Bee Cafe. Robert got pecan pie and I got a chocolate ice cream soda 
(my favorite)

All in all we had a lovely anniversary as a family. 
*Robert I love you entirely and look forward to more years and adventures together. Thank you for putting up with my craziness.* 


Jennie said...

Its looking like you are enjoying this whole parenthood thing. Sounds like a fun day.

Heather and Spencer said...

Happy Anniversary! Oh, and since you are now taking ME out, dont forget we are at the park each Friday morning!

Lauren said...

You have such a cute family ;)