Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fun New Blog

My mother and I have started a new blog called Lil' Bit & Nan. We also have an etsy shop connected to our blog where we will be selling our latest and greatest creations. Check it out y'all!


Ryan 'n' Joy said...

Hey Bethany... so excited for your etsy shop... that is awesome - hey I could use your help ( you have like a bunch of blogs and blogger friends) and I have a way that each one of those blogs could earn me $20 towards the Avon walk for Breast Cancer...

check out

and just follow the instructions for adding a gadget for hotels combined.. send them an email with your blog name and my charity
and they will donate $20!!!! simple hey (they will do it for each blog, just send a seperate email for each one)
pass this info on to all your blogging friends-- it would really help an amazing cause without costing you a thing!!!!

Brandy Carolyn said...

Yo... contact me about your hair creations. I've wasted so much money looking for something for my wedding. Bad news... bridals are on June 5, I'd like to have something before then, if possible (too bad I just saw this post).