Monday, May 3, 2010

She's Crafty

Robert and I are both so happy to have a daughter. We both don't feel left out when it comes to sharing our interests with M.E. I absolutely love fashion, hair, and makeup and Robert loves comic books and music. She can be interested in all these things without society telling her she is weird.

We used to think that it would be better to have a boy because of fear of having a girl who would be into princess things. Neither one of us has experience in this fad. But having a girl is so much fun for us! Robert is very involved when it comes to her wardrobe and we realized the princess thing is only an issue if we make it one.

The best part of having a daughter is that Robert is creating this Father/Daughter bond that I don't have with my dad. And I have a side of me come out that I didn't know existed. I have become very crafty. I love making cute hair accessories and clothes for Lil' ME. I even started making things for me and Robert. I love it! I am having so much fun, when I find the time to. Also some little fun fact about M.E.: She held her head up on her own at one week old, she pushed her body up at 3 weeks and rolled over at 5 weeks. This girl is on a roll! She will be crawling before I know it. Here are some pictures of my latest and greatest!
The tutu I made her out of remnants of what decorated her presents from my baby showers.

The bow tie and fabric flower hair clip I made for Robert and I to wear at his sister's wedding.

The sun hat I made for ME to wear next summer. I'm working on a matching sun dress.

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congrats on your sweet baby girl. she's beautiful.