Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Current Thoughts

Loosing Kiersten this week brought back all the hidden emotions from loosing River. I knew I hadn't fully healed from River's death and I know I never will. But, I didn't realize how much I was holding in. I wanted so badly to help the Jones family in any way I could. Through helping others I see myself start to heal. Yes, I will always be emotional over loosing my amazing niece and I will never get over it. Getting over means forgetting. I don't ever want to forget River, just as the Jones family never wants to forget Kiersten. My heart hurts for her family and friends, I remember the pain so clearly. I would never want anyone to carry that pain with them. I will always be grateful to everyone who reached out their open and loving arms to me and my family to help us heal. I know the Jones family does too. They are overwhelmed with love and kindness from others who are so willing to help them heal. I love our community, I love how we look out for each other and care for one another.

Youth is so fragile. Take care of your little ones. Be involved in their lives. Love them for their faults. Point them in the direction of progression. In the end they will be more than willing to take care of you.

Depression is real. It physically hurts inside. It's a spreading disease. If you feel someone you love is depressed, reach out and hold them and just listen. If you yourself is depressed, there are people who love you so much and are willing to listen and help you become strong again.


Julia Everts said...

Thank you for this. Beautifully put. Especially the last paragraph. I can relate.

Paula said...

Bethany, I'm so sorry to hear about Kiersten and your own loss. I'll be praying for anyone who's mourning her loss.