Thursday, July 29, 2010

4 Months of Parenthood

We are both still trying to get it down. But I'd say we are A+ students so far.

About M.E.:
M.E has been sleeping through the night for over a month now. She is growing bigger and stronger each day. She LOVES watching TV. She will focus on it and when she sees something she likes, she gives the cutest giggle. M.E. is trying to rollover, but mostly just wiggles herself until she is upside down. She gets "tummy time" in the pool, which thankfully she loves being in the water. She has allergies just like us. She loves to grab Nessie's hair. M.E. loves to be talked to and she will hold a conversation with you, one you wont be able to understand, but a conversation none the less. She is starting to nap better during the day and doesn't mind being changed now. She does not sleep in the same bed as us. She sleeps in the same room as us and that is good enough. She is still on formula. I refuse to jeopardize her immune system with baby food until she is 6 months. The pediatrician thought it would be a good idea to wait with her since I have a fair share of food allergies. I really don't want her to suffer from the same disease I do. Other than all that she is generally a happy baby that keeps her parents busy and has her Daddy wrapped around her itty bitty finger. She has filled our life with joy and completes our family.

About Bethany:
I am tired. I'm forgetful. I miss hanging with friends. I miss going wherever I want when I want. I love my dogs, and am sorry I don't get to walk them or play with them as often. I probably don't give Robert the constant attention that I used to. To my single/childless friends, I'm sorry I don't see you as often and that our schedules don't always coincide. I love you anyways. So far all the plans I had about how I wanted to raise M.E. has worked out. I love her dearly and need her in my life. I haven't needed my anti-anxiety meds for a few months now. She keeps me busy enough that I don't have the time to focus on my anxieties or my obsessive compulsive behavior.

About Robert:
He works so hard. We both share the joys of 24/7 working. He gets up and goes to work where he gets paid  from his hard labor, and then he comes home and works some more, where he is rewarded with big smiles and giggles. He has become very patient and has taken a loving to fatherhood. I know he is tired. I know he misses friend time as well. I know he misses alone time with me and spur of the moment adventures. He loves his daughter and his daughter loves him. He puts in more effort than I do with the dogs, and helps out so much with cleaning and laundry. I couldn't have found a better man.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An Eventful July

July started out rough, but it also started out amazing. Since my brother was in town for River's temple work the weekend of Independence Day, we had a family BBQ and saw fireworks. Saturday, July 3rd, our family got together for swimming and Robert and I provided a gluten free feast. We had hamburgers, vegetable skewers, grilled pineapple, baked beans by Shelly, home made lemonade, "Fourth of July Floats" which is just red or blue colored soda pop mixed with vanilla ice cream, and brownies by Shelly. Everything was scrumptious. M.E. got in her cute watermelon swim suit and joined her pops and uncle in the water. Then Nessie splashed her and M.E. was done swimming.

I have been working on a few more crafts. I have made 2 more dresses for M.E. and pajama pants. All these, of course, wont fit her for another year, but I am getting a head start on things. I, with the help of my mother, have been working on a few dresses for myself. Also on my plate I am working on a birthday present for my Mother-in-Law, updating a few old shirts with my own creative iron on transfers, and new head bands for M.E., all the while making and organizing my Etsy things. I am pretty busy. But I have to keep busy or my mind will wander to the things that un-motivate me.

Robert and I have created a new hobby for ourselves. It's called "Garage Sale-ing". It's an amazing thing. I have found some beautiful eclectic things that I am just so excited about. I found a chair to match my Great-Grandmother's vanity. I'm going to recover it. I'm so excited. I have found a beautiful mirror surrounded by  vintage filigree in a lovely blue. I also found old patterns dated back to the 30's, NEVER USED! Old vintage clothes: sweaters, nightgowns, and a dress. And my mom gave me a bunch of fabric and a button collection that used to be my Grandmother's.

Robert found my art supplies in the attic. I am very excited to start designing again.

M.E. is trying to roll over. She has an infectious smile and her giggles are adorable. I feel she is starting to teethe. Ugh. Oh well, she still greets me every morning with a happy, smiley face. I love her to bits. She is so beautiful. I call her "my little strawberry" because she has the coloring of a strawberry blonde, like my brother, Richard. Her skin tone is warm, like peaches and creme, her hair is light and fluffy like a baby chick. her eyelashes and brows are fair.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Road to Recovery

This week has been strange and ironic for me. I don't really know where to begin. We lost Kiersten. Two years ago I lost River. My friends Josh, Jared, Tamra and I all lost nieces in the same circumstance. We have each other to talk to about our feelings and know that the other understands completely. Yesterday was Kiersten's service. Yesterday we did Temple work for River. Both events were just beautiful beyond belief. Both events made me so happy inside. Roo (Kiersten) has a family that loves her so much. They put together a lovely and overwhelmingly warm service. She deserved such a memorial. She was given to an amazing family. River was not so lucky. Her parents were sick with alcohol addiction. She was loved but probably didn't realize it. I know she felt love from us yesterday. I feel her close by me. Trying to help me heal. I have gone 2 years holding everything in and have not moved forward in this process. I need to. I need to talk it out. I need a listener. I know all of my friends will listen, but I feel like I need someone who went through the same thing in order to understand my thoughts and feelings. I also need to listen to others when they need to talk and heal. Helping others helps me heal. I think that's why I would throw myself into service projects. I love to serve. I know that I am doing good for myself and others when I serve. I want to serve the Jones family in any way I can. I know we are all children of God, and he loves us and knows each one of us. He knows our strengths and our struggles. He is there for us always. I love River. I know I will see her again, and we will embrace. And she will call me Buff, like she always did before.