Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An Eventful July

July started out rough, but it also started out amazing. Since my brother was in town for River's temple work the weekend of Independence Day, we had a family BBQ and saw fireworks. Saturday, July 3rd, our family got together for swimming and Robert and I provided a gluten free feast. We had hamburgers, vegetable skewers, grilled pineapple, baked beans by Shelly, home made lemonade, "Fourth of July Floats" which is just red or blue colored soda pop mixed with vanilla ice cream, and brownies by Shelly. Everything was scrumptious. M.E. got in her cute watermelon swim suit and joined her pops and uncle in the water. Then Nessie splashed her and M.E. was done swimming.

I have been working on a few more crafts. I have made 2 more dresses for M.E. and pajama pants. All these, of course, wont fit her for another year, but I am getting a head start on things. I, with the help of my mother, have been working on a few dresses for myself. Also on my plate I am working on a birthday present for my Mother-in-Law, updating a few old shirts with my own creative iron on transfers, and new head bands for M.E., all the while making and organizing my Etsy things. I am pretty busy. But I have to keep busy or my mind will wander to the things that un-motivate me.

Robert and I have created a new hobby for ourselves. It's called "Garage Sale-ing". It's an amazing thing. I have found some beautiful eclectic things that I am just so excited about. I found a chair to match my Great-Grandmother's vanity. I'm going to recover it. I'm so excited. I have found a beautiful mirror surrounded by  vintage filigree in a lovely blue. I also found old patterns dated back to the 30's, NEVER USED! Old vintage clothes: sweaters, nightgowns, and a dress. And my mom gave me a bunch of fabric and a button collection that used to be my Grandmother's.

Robert found my art supplies in the attic. I am very excited to start designing again.

M.E. is trying to roll over. She has an infectious smile and her giggles are adorable. I feel she is starting to teethe. Ugh. Oh well, she still greets me every morning with a happy, smiley face. I love her to bits. She is so beautiful. I call her "my little strawberry" because she has the coloring of a strawberry blonde, like my brother, Richard. Her skin tone is warm, like peaches and creme, her hair is light and fluffy like a baby chick. her eyelashes and brows are fair.

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