Tuesday, September 28, 2010

6 Months and Counting!

Look at this super cute face! I love how fun and playful she is. Maw Maw (Robert's mom) got this fun jumpy for M.E. for her 6 mos. birthday. She has grown so much. She eats all the time, rolls over all the time, front to back - back to front. She is sitting up now and scooting backwards. She loves her puppies, loves to dance, and loves to be tickled. She is very alert and curious. Always watching people and will smile at anyone who pays attention to her. She surprises us everyday. Robert and I are both so in love with this babe! The dogs are so good with her. Nessie just wants to be with M.E. all the time. She is very motherly to her, always giving M.E. a "bath" or trying to bring her ball for M.E. to throw(M.E. can't throw a ball, but Nessie doesn't know that) Nessie lets M.E. ride on her back and pull her hair. They even cuddle together. Link just tolerates M.E. He mostly wants to be by my side at all times.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Who Told My Daughter to Start Growing So Fast?

I can't believe it! M.E. is approaching 6 months already. Her last pediatrician appointment, Dr. Saul said she needs to start on baby foods now because she's reached the point of needing more food. So I caved, and she has been doing great! She loves pears, peaches, squash, and sweet potatoes. She doesn't love peas. She also does really well with rice cereal. She anticipates that spoon flying into her mouth. My hungry, hungry hippo is up to 15 pounds now!

M.E. rolls over all the time, to the point she will only sleep on her tummy. She also sticks her butt in the air and scoots around. Her top canines are coming in, so we will have a little Dracula on our hands soon. She sits in her walker and watches Yo Gabba Gabba. She isn't completely holding her bottle on her own yet, but is trying. She loves to push herself up and look around, once she spots me or Robert she will start giggling. She has such a cute giggle. My baby is so cute, I love her so much. M.E. still greets me every morning with a big smile on her face. She is so beautiful.