Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 Months Old!?!

How did this happen? People were not kidding when they warned me the time would fly by. I am blown away at how big M.E. has gotten, how much she has progressed and developed. She amazes me everyday. Lately, she likes to brush her teeth. I will not complain. I love it! She let's me brush the 2 teeth she has and she thinks it funny and giggles.

Another thing M.E. likes to do is climb up the stairs. Not only is this exhausting for me, it is also scary. The stairs at my Dad's house are not safe. He has had more than one grandchild fall down those steps.

M.E. is also fascinated with looking out windows. If it's not the sliding glass door, taunting the dogs, then it's the entry way window. She just bangs her heart out on that glass, and giggles. I don't know what is so funny. Strange kid. Must get it from her Father's side....

M.E. is also an eating machine! She scarfs down chicken, blueberries, cheese, baby food, and noodles (gluten free). The other day I caught her playing with some toys under her crib. She thought it was so funny to play under there. I have a picture, but it's on Robert's camera. So cute! M.E. is also standing on her own for a total of 10 seconds. She is finding her balance well. She also loves to "fly like an Indian" it's something my Dad made up long ago with my oldest brother. He would throw us in the air and call it "flying like an Indian" I don't know where he came up with the name but it has since been passed down to the grandchildren. I toss M.E. in the air and she giggles up a storm!

I am happy to say that with my first time parents we have had no diaper rashes, thrown up one time, no rushing to the hospital, one minor cold, one major cold, mild jaundice, thrush, and a neck rash from drool. We are surviving so far!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

M.E. Has Some Talents

Our little M.E. has started to show some signs of being very talented. I'm sure other infants do things things to, but since I am not knowledgeable in the infant world I am gonna take my time to feel like a pretty special mom. We are so very proud of M.E. and her development. We are also amazed at how quickly she learns things. I really do think that Baby Sign Language has helped so much with her development and communication with us.

Things M.E. does:
- Patty-cake
- dance (she loves to dance)
- clap her hands
- laughs when she hears other's laugh
- feeds herself
- plays her drum
- sign language
- crawls very fast
- climbs the stairs
- sings
- plays with the dogs (throws the ball)
- Plays peekaboo

Things M.E. says:
- Dad, daddy, da da
-Mom, ma ma
-patty cake

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolutions

1. MOVE!
4. Show Robert more of California
5. Enroll M.E. in dance class
6. Throw out the pacifiers
7. take a REAL vacation

Since I did not accomplish any of last years resolutions, don't count on me accomplishing this years.