Sunday, January 9, 2011

M.E. Has Some Talents

Our little M.E. has started to show some signs of being very talented. I'm sure other infants do things things to, but since I am not knowledgeable in the infant world I am gonna take my time to feel like a pretty special mom. We are so very proud of M.E. and her development. We are also amazed at how quickly she learns things. I really do think that Baby Sign Language has helped so much with her development and communication with us.

Things M.E. does:
- Patty-cake
- dance (she loves to dance)
- clap her hands
- laughs when she hears other's laugh
- feeds herself
- plays her drum
- sign language
- crawls very fast
- climbs the stairs
- sings
- plays with the dogs (throws the ball)
- Plays peekaboo

Things M.E. says:
- Dad, daddy, da da
-Mom, ma ma
-patty cake

1 comment:

Heather and Spencer said...

I love that she laughs when she hears others stinkin' cute! Isn't sign language the best thing ever?!?!? Because of the signing, I would totally agree with you that she communicates better/easier than other kids her age.