Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Topic of "Catch Up"

So I am blog repenting. I have been awful at updating our family blog lately. But I do have a few good excuses, and then we will get into our topics to catch you up on.
Excuse #1: We moved!
Topic#1: I love having our own place again, but I realized I haven't seen most of my stuff in the past three years and our home style has dramatically changed. It still feels like we are unpacking after a month and a half. Our neighborhood is quiet and we have very nice neighbors. The dogs miss the big back yard, but they also love being with us more. Our new ward is small, but loving. A lot of the people in it know my siblings and parents. For Robert, this is normality. He was used to moving . He adjusts well and is happy to meet new people. My Mom is with us, and having her is amazing. I love that she loves to do so much for M.E. She loves teaching M.E. new things and spending one on one time with her. It's like my mom has come alive again since my nieces death.

Excuse #2: I have picked up more days at work.
Topic #2: It's bittersweet, really. I love my job, but I love being home with M.E. We need the extra money and I do need a break from home every once in awhile. But this does mean that some of my projects have to lay on the back burner until I can get to them.

Excuse #3: Planning M.E.'s first birthday.
Topic #3: I didn't plan anything huge, but it was fun and M.E. enjoyed seeing her family and figuring out how to pen her presents. She got a lot of fun gifts and loved her cake and ice cream. Since we are on the topic of M.E. let me update you on what she does: She loves to whistle with the birds and my mom, She loves playing her cat keyboard and singing into the microphone, she also grooves to the music that she is playing. She really acknowledges the dogs, by pointing and saying "dog" over and over again. She acknowledges Robert by yelling "DAD" and she will say "namy" for Nanny, my mother. Apparently she only says momma when I am not around. No biggie, I know "mom" is a harder word to say.  She isn't walking yet, she doesn't seem interested. I wont push her. M.E. likes to do things on her time and in her own way. We tried so many times to teach her slide down the stairs on her tummy, she refused, instead she takes one step at a time holding onto the railing. She is her own person - I wont stop her from being so. She talks up a storm. I don't know what she is saying, but she does do most of the talking. She certainly does have a personality!


Missy said...

She is so adorable. Looks like you are having a blast with her. Wish I could meet her. I know M.E. and Marlie would be the best of buds!

Shelly said...

Hey, it's about time you posted an update. Come visit!! What should we do for Easter? This year M.E. can really participate in the egg hunt. Ryan didn't believe me when I told him she "hunted" last year. Love you!