Monday, September 19, 2011

On The Road to Potty Training

We bought M.E. A potty chair back when she was 13 months old, to get her used to the idea that a potty chair her size would be hanging out in the bathroom. We would sit her on it every once in awhile so it wouldn't be a scary surprise out of nowhere when it came time to potty training. We would also take her to the bathroom with us when we had to potty, so she could see that we use a potty too, and it would encourage her to want to do what we do. We would sit on our potty and she would sit on her potty. Well now M.E. Is almost 18 months and she has pottied on it 4 times and pooped twice. We haven't been consistent about since she isn't fully ready to take that jump, but she knows what it's for and she knows what to do when she sits on it. We are hoping to have her fully potty trained by 2, and I think we are off to a very good start with no pressure and early intervention. I am so proud of M.E. And her wanting to try new things.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Queen Mary Adventure Time

A few months ago groupon had a one night deal for the Queen Mary. Robert has never stayed there, though we toured it back during our honeymoon. He has always wanted to stay aboard the cruise line ship turned hotel. We didn't have the money really to take advantage of this deal, but I had earned plenty over the past year and a half selling off of etsy. I decided it will be our Christmas present. Neither of us really need anything, except a small quiet staycation together. I bought it. Robert was so excited. Deal was, we had to use it ASAP. So we celebrated Christmas in August with just the 2 of us.
Our Room

Ate at Ruby's

The Hanger that once held Howard Hughes, Spruce Goose 

Our view of Long Beach and the massive aquarium

Sun bathing alone at Captains Sun Deck

Atop the Captains Sun Deck stage

Original lifeboat

Our tour guide for our Haunted Encounters tour at door 13 where a soldier was crushed by the door during WWII.

Our tour guide for our Behind the Scenes tour. This is the Queens Salon where 1st class danced along Fred Astaire and to the voice of Bob Hope. We got to go in. It was beautiful. I now wish we had our reception there. 

In the restaurant where I encountered my first Queen Mary ghost when I was younger

Anyone for Ping Pong?