Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Toddler Bed Success!

As M.E. has approached 18 months, I felt it necessary to try a big girl bed. I read on my trusty Baby Center website that most kids will try to climb out of the crib at 18 months, and that is sometimes the sign to move onto a toddler bed. Thankfully M.E. hasn't tried to climb out of her crib, and I certainly wanted to avoid any misfortune of her doing so. Instead, she has been trying to climb into her crib when she knows it is nap time or bed time. We have stuck her to a tight schedule, so her body pretty much knows it's time to rest. We figured, she is so good at putting herself to bed that it is time for a big girl bed. She was upset at first to the change, but surprisingly she sleeps through the night and still takes good naps. She has slipped out of bed a few times in her sleep, but she crawls right back into bed and back off to sleep she goes. I am really proud of our big girl. It's sad how fast she has to grow up, but she will do it eventually, with or without us.

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Shelly said...

Good for M.E. Let me know how you want to handle naps when she is with us.