Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend

We started our weekend off well. Saturday morning  we took M.E. to Bright Child to play in some indoor play sets equipped with tunnels and slides. M.E. kept saying "scary" to everything except the basketball. She mostly whined and cried and didn't want to do anything, but we got her to do stuff if we did it with her.

We came home for a nap, which never happened so we decided to head out to Ikea and look at the Hemnes furniture collection we have been drooling over. We came home with the TV bench at half price. I love it. It's more in tune with our style. We also got ice cream.

On Sunday Morning we took M.E. to the Conejo Adventure Garden for Children. She had a blast and didn't want to leave, even though it was obvious she needed a nap and lunch.
M.E. and Mommy sitting in a butterfly bench

"A-llo frog"

Stepping Stones

Bridge, Tree House, Tea with Daddy

Thoroughly enjoying tea with Daddy

Monday, the official Memorial Day, we first went to the park for some slides and swings.
Down the tube slide she has suddenly become afraid of.

 Then we went to our dear friend, Tamra's, for her birthday. M.E. got to ride the horses several times and never wanted to get off. Eventually it had to come to an end since other's were waiting their turns.
She loves riding horses. She loves horses. Cow girl in the works?

Then we all convinced Robert to get on a horse. Mind you, Robert has hippophobia: fear of horses. But I convinced him to at least try to look manly in front of his daughter even if it meant anxiety.
He did it. I am proud of him. I rode the horse too, with M.E. but apparently I'm not cool enough to snap a pic of. No big deal.

And this morning I took M.E. to a local splash pad.
She wasn't the biggest fan. We will have to revisit the fear, and conquer.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wednesday's Child

M.E. was born on a Wednesday. And if anyone knows that old nursery rhyme "Monday's Child" and if anyone is around M.E. enough, they will begin to figure out that the day she was born on totally fits her personality.

Here is the poem for reference:

Monday's Child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for his living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.*

So M.E. was born on a Wednesday like I said. She was always a very good baby. Now in her toddler stage she cries and fake cries over everything. Melodramatic I would say. She will cry over little things like most frustrated toddlers do - but this is where the nursery rhyme fits in. As she is crying or fake crying, real tears or fake tears will come down her face and she will pause and ask you to bring her towel to dry her eyes. Really? A towel? To dry your eyes? C'mon.

I've charted this nursery rhyme on myself and Robert. And I really think it is a true forecast. I was born on a Tuesday and have been told I am graceful when it comes to physical activities. I think my body movements naturally portray a graceful nature. Though over the past few years I feel I have been losing my grace and sense of balance. Robert was born on a Friday. He is very much a loving and giving person. Part of the reason I chose to marry him. Sometimes he can be overly loving to me and overly giving to other's outside of the family.

Give this rhyme a try. See if it fits in your family dynamics. It may or may not.

*for the ignorant folk, gay means happy

Friday, May 25, 2012

Confessions of a Bridal Consultant

Courtesy of Say Yes to the Dress TLC

Many of you know that I work as a bridal consultant/fashion stylist at our local bridal salon. I have the fortune and misfortune of meeting some locals (like the Gypsies we get every month) and not so locals. Some of my consulting duties is to be the brides advocate from her huge and opinionated group she has chosen to bring with her as she tries on wedding gowns. These are some of my experiences:

Mom to bride (trying on wedding gowns or the first time), "if you would lose the weight you should, you might actually look good in these wedding gowns"

Friend to bride (bride showing her friend the wedding gown she ordered) "that dress is sooo ugly. Why did you choose that? I wouldn't have gone with that?"

Friend to bride (trying to pick out dresses for bride) "just try it on, for me? Who cares if it's $500 over your budget. I would so wear this dress"

Friend to bride (picking out a size for brides wedding gown) "Just go with a bigger size, you know you aren't dedicated enough to keep the weight off"

Fiance to bride (bride made the mistake of showing fiance the dress she ordered) "you spent $1200 on a dress named Ariel? I think you would look better in something more simple"

Fiance to me (telling me what kind of dress his bride should wear) "her dress has to be simple and white. Nothing on it. I get to pick the dress, if I didn't pick it she would show up in something ugly and big"

Mom to plus size bride (picking out wedding gowns to try on) "Jessica, if you were skinnier you could try on the pretty dresses instead of the plus size dresses.

Sister to bride (trying on wedding gowns) You should wear a dress like mine, you would look so much prettier. Like I did"

Bride to me (trying on wedding gowns for her fiance's family) "I look so good. I'm so pretty and skinny, and my boobs looks so good in this dress"

Bride to me (trying on wedding gowns) I really like looking at myself. I look good in all these dresses. It's going to be so hard to choose"

Bride to me (I'm lacing her up in her gown) "I may have gained instead of lost the weight I said I would, so just pull really tight, it's okay if I can't breathe, I just need to look thinner."

I could go on and on with these lovely experiences but it needs to come to an end sometime. A lot of my brides come in with expectations of a couture looking gown on a small budget ($500) when our couture looking gowns are between $1200 and $2000. Some come shopping for gowns in denial of their size, worse of all their families are in denial of their size and aren't very supportive of the bride when it comes to picking out the right size gowns to try on. It is so hard to see the look on a plus size brides face when her own mother brings her a size 6 dress to try on, and then gives her a hard time for not being that size. Sometimes the people you bring with you aren't supportive enough to know that this day is about the bride and they aren't making the try on appointment a pleasant one for the bride.
It's true the wedding gown industry is made for proportionate women, but we all aren't proportionate, and as a consultant it is my duty to find the gown that best suits my brides figure so that she can feel beautiful no matter her size. And she should bring people with her that also help her feel beautiful.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Decor and Decsions

It's so had to decide on how to decorate our living space, not only because we are on a budget, but I like so many different styles that I can't make up my mind. Our home is so cluttered with so many different styles and lack of space and time to do those DIY's I tell myself I will get to. A lot of the items we own are antiques from my Grandmother, others are a collective pieces from antique shopping throughout the years. It's seriously a hobby of mine. But the problem lies within style and taste. I cant bein to set a budget for decorating if I don't have a style in mind. 

When Robert and I were first married, our style was very around the world modern - reds, blacks, and greens. What were we thinking? It was so dark. I have always loved different styles though. I remember when I was younger, I told my mom that I wanted every room in my future house to be a different theme. African, Mexican, Coastal, etc. 

As of now we live in Southern California about half an hour away from the beach. So of course I love the coastal style decorating, sea glass, sea shells, drift wood - well we have that stuff but not enough to decorate a whole living space with. 

We have talked about moving to Texas, and I have dreamed of Terra cotta tiled floors, bright Mexican paintings and decor, big Mexican wood furnishings, etc. 

But as of now we have a mixture of mid-century antique, modern, and ugly things that need to be painted over. 

Here are some ideas I have brewing in my head from my Pinterest board:


Retro, spacious, and my fave color
I love the idea of all this turquoise, space, and windowed cabinets

But I love the vintage feel of this one where my collection of vintage kitchen items would fit in nicely.

Dining Room
Dining and kitchen - Old century
I love the idea of Farmhouse Dining, keeping it in the kitchen. I'm not a fan of formal dining areas. Wasted space I suppose.

Shabby Chic Dining Space
But, I also love the Shabby Chic look of a dinging area.... How can I mix the two together?

White Dining space
I guess if I mixed Farmhouse Dining and Shabby Chic dining, I suppose I would get this?

Sewing Room

Sewing Room
Now I don't have an actual sewing room - I have a sewing space between our living room and kitchen which is supposed to be the dining room. Bit this image above is me. The colors, the vintage furnishings and decorating style. Now only to get my own room...

Living Room


We have a sectional, a coffee table, a side table, a mine entertainment center and a magazine rack. These are all nice things except for the space we have to put it in is an awkward size and layout. This picture above symbolizes the simplicity of the living room I want as of now.

Open, light, and airy living room
But this is what I really want. A different couch of course. But the point is to keep it light, simple, open as possible.
Comfy couch. Wish they weren't always brown
More of a couch like this - but not brown....
VRETA Corner sofa w end unit left IKEA Seat surfaces and armrests in soft, hardwearing, easy care grain leather; practical for families with children.
I'm not opposed to a leather sofa

I'm not going to touch on our bedrooms at this moment. Those spaces aren't visited as often. I'd like to focus on the main living spaces first. Anyways, but the jest of it, it looks like my decorating style is a little of everything just toned down and done simply.  

Keep things simple and welcoming.

All photos are from Apartment Therapy

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Daughter's Are Beautiful (and sassy)

Lately M.E. has learned to be a true toddler. We aren't dealing with terrible two's by any means - we are dealing with terrible two-eens. She is sassafras sassy! Not trying to give attitude, but just speaking her mind the only way she knows how to express, like her mother, moi.

The other night I was reading to her before bed. In the middle of the second book she shuts it on me and says, "Go away." "Leave me alone." then rolls over and pulls up her blankie and proceeds to stick her binkie in her eye (a weird habit she started a year ago, I will never understand). So I said "Bonsoir, je t'aime" (goodnight, I love you in French) - She repeats what I said, then I turned out the light and shut the door. Didn't hear a peep from her all night. It was great for Robert and I to get the sleep we needed.

In the mornings, when my mother (Nanny) greets her, M.E. again says "LEAVE ME ALONE, Ne-Nee!' And she just sat in her bed watching Rugrats on her iPad. When she is ready to get up and have breakfast with the family, she comes down the stairs happy, "Good Morning Mommy, good morning Daddy, good morning Ne-Nee, good morning Nes, good morning Linkin" She went through the entire household!

For the little sass she throws at us, she makes up for it with her manners. "Milk please, si vous plait" (if you please in French) "Tank tu, Merci beaucoup" (Thank you in M.E.'s language and French)

She will bless you if you sneezed, she will excuse you if you are in her way and she will ask us to kiss her owies better.

But if she wants to sleep - watch out! "Go away, leave me alone!"
M.E. we love you sassafras and all!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Let's Play Catch Up

I know I have neglected this blog. I have put more effort into my sewing and design blog. But, I will try harder to keep friends and family updated. Here is what I failed to mention in the past 5 months.
M.E. potty trained at 22 months old. We are proud parents!

Had a splendid visit by my niece, Chanice and my great-niece, Cadence. My niece is only 5 years younger than I, and sh just had her first child (a girl!) Back in November 2011. I haven't seen Chanice in 7 years. It was great to have her in town and see her and cuddle her precious baby. I still have yet to meet Bobby, her husband.

M.E. turned 2! She is officially poop trained. Is a chatterbox. The only girl in nursery. Repeats everything we say. Favorite movie of the month is Winnie the Pooh. We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific for her family birthday and had a little intimate birthday party at Grand-dad's and Grammy's.

We had a garage sale. Renewed our Disney Passes. We almost moved....big mess, don't want to talk about it.

Robert and I celebrated 6 years of marriage and took M.E. to Disneyland with us. She loved it. We did everything she wanted to do. Had a blast with her. She was so much fun. Just now ending Mother's Day where Robert and M.E. surprised me with gluten free crepes for breakfast, a picnic lunch at the park, and Mommy alone time(much needed, I am NEVER alone)

We have a lot coming up this Summer, so I will be better at posting. Along with my newest creations on my sewing blog and Robert will have a little more free time to post his designs on his blog.