Friday, May 25, 2012

Confessions of a Bridal Consultant

Courtesy of Say Yes to the Dress TLC

Many of you know that I work as a bridal consultant/fashion stylist at our local bridal salon. I have the fortune and misfortune of meeting some locals (like the Gypsies we get every month) and not so locals. Some of my consulting duties is to be the brides advocate from her huge and opinionated group she has chosen to bring with her as she tries on wedding gowns. These are some of my experiences:

Mom to bride (trying on wedding gowns or the first time), "if you would lose the weight you should, you might actually look good in these wedding gowns"

Friend to bride (bride showing her friend the wedding gown she ordered) "that dress is sooo ugly. Why did you choose that? I wouldn't have gone with that?"

Friend to bride (trying to pick out dresses for bride) "just try it on, for me? Who cares if it's $500 over your budget. I would so wear this dress"

Friend to bride (picking out a size for brides wedding gown) "Just go with a bigger size, you know you aren't dedicated enough to keep the weight off"

Fiance to bride (bride made the mistake of showing fiance the dress she ordered) "you spent $1200 on a dress named Ariel? I think you would look better in something more simple"

Fiance to me (telling me what kind of dress his bride should wear) "her dress has to be simple and white. Nothing on it. I get to pick the dress, if I didn't pick it she would show up in something ugly and big"

Mom to plus size bride (picking out wedding gowns to try on) "Jessica, if you were skinnier you could try on the pretty dresses instead of the plus size dresses.

Sister to bride (trying on wedding gowns) You should wear a dress like mine, you would look so much prettier. Like I did"

Bride to me (trying on wedding gowns for her fiance's family) "I look so good. I'm so pretty and skinny, and my boobs looks so good in this dress"

Bride to me (trying on wedding gowns) I really like looking at myself. I look good in all these dresses. It's going to be so hard to choose"

Bride to me (I'm lacing her up in her gown) "I may have gained instead of lost the weight I said I would, so just pull really tight, it's okay if I can't breathe, I just need to look thinner."

I could go on and on with these lovely experiences but it needs to come to an end sometime. A lot of my brides come in with expectations of a couture looking gown on a small budget ($500) when our couture looking gowns are between $1200 and $2000. Some come shopping for gowns in denial of their size, worse of all their families are in denial of their size and aren't very supportive of the bride when it comes to picking out the right size gowns to try on. It is so hard to see the look on a plus size brides face when her own mother brings her a size 6 dress to try on, and then gives her a hard time for not being that size. Sometimes the people you bring with you aren't supportive enough to know that this day is about the bride and they aren't making the try on appointment a pleasant one for the bride.
It's true the wedding gown industry is made for proportionate women, but we all aren't proportionate, and as a consultant it is my duty to find the gown that best suits my brides figure so that she can feel beautiful no matter her size. And she should bring people with her that also help her feel beautiful.


sptalley said...

Oh please keep the quotes coming!!! I love Say Yes to the Dress and this makes me feel like I am closer to witnessing the drama that is so entertaining! Yes, I do feel bad for the brides whose friends/family are total jerks, but seriously, it is like a train wreck of a person who thinks it is okay to say these things. It is like one of those things that is so crazy/strange/freak shows that you cant take your eyes off of! _Heather

luke&whit said...

This makes me sad! Every woman has beauty no matter what size she is. I'm glad you are trying help brides find the right dress to make them feel great!

I only brought my mom and sister shopping with me and it ended up being perfect. But then again, I have a great mom and sister!